Mindless Self Indulgence

Mindless Self Indulgence


Mindless Self Indulgence is a NYC based co-ed punk band whose name manifests itself during their incendiary live shows. MSI's music is a hybrid of Atari driven electronics with a venomous splash of A.D.D Punk Rock.


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Mindless Self Indulgence is the breath of fresh air that is sure to offend your p.c. restrained, category demanding, humorless peers.

Current Release:
In April 2005 MSI released their latest record "You'll Rebel To Anything" through Metropolis Records. The album debuted at 107 on the Billboard Top 200 and topped the Billboard Heatseekers chart at number 1. "Rebel" also enjoyed strong showings on Billboard's Indie, Hard Rock and Internet Sales charts.

MSI have sold out headlining shows at venues of 1000+ capacity across North America throughout 2002-2004, completely self-financed and without soliciting support from commercial radio or major video channels. Many dates even sold out without any print advertising or radio promotion whatsoever, including 3 nights in a row at the 1100 capacity Irving Plaza in NYC (December 12th-14th 2003). Fans traveled from 28 different states as well as 4 foreign countries to attend those shows. In the past, MSI have supported System of a Down, KoRn, Staind, Sum 41 and Rammstein amongst others and are eager to tour internationally. They have acquired a hardcore following of fans that compete for how many of the band's shows they can see in row. In October of 2003 MSI performed at the massive 3 day Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans sharing a stage with artists such as Iggy Pop, Marilyn Manson, The White Stripes, A Perfect Circle and Queens of the Stone Age. Due to the great interest in the group, they went from an opener to a headliner in the Mojave tent at the 2004 Coachella Festival. Although both Radiohead and Kraftwerk were performing just yards away and at the same time, it didn't take away from the density or enthusiasm for MSI's show.

MSI are currently touring the U.S. headlining 1000-2200 seat theaters. The band headlined a 3 night stand at NYC's Webster Hall on July 8th, 9th and 10th/2005 and has sold out the Metro in Chicago twice in 6 weeks! They are now playing a handful of dates in Europe and coming back to N. America for another month of dates, including the first US Download Music Festival and the 2005 Voodoo Music Festival!


2006 CD 08 Track (Remix Single) "Shut Me Up: The Remixes + 3" (Metropolis 442/UCR 013)
2006 CD 17 Track (Remix Single) "Straight To Video: The Remixes" (Metropolis 409/UCR 012)
2005 Vinyl 11 Track (Double) "You'll Rebel To Anything" (Metropolis 367/UCR 011-c)
2005 CD 11 Track (Clean) "You'll Rebel To Anything" (Metropolis 366/UCR 011b)
2005 CD 10 Track "You'll Rebel To Anything" (Metropolis 365/UCR 011-a)
2004 MP3 01 Track (Coachella Exclusive) "1989"
2003 CD 06 Track (Tour Demo) "Despierta Los NiƱos" (UCR 010)
2002 CD 10 Track (Live) "Alienating Our Audience" (UCR 009)
2002 CD 40 Track (By Side Project The Left Rights) "What The Coool Retards Are Listening To" (UCR 008)
2000 CD 04 Track (Maxi Single) "Planet of the Apes" (Elektra/UCR 007)
2000 CD 05 Track (Maxi Single) "Bitches" (Elektra/UCR 006)
2000 CD 30 Track "Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy" (Elektra/UCR 005)
1999 CD 14 Track "Tight" (UCR 004)
1999 CD/Vinyl 04 Track (MSI's interpretation of the Method Man classic) "Bring the Pain" (UCR 003)
1998 Cassette 02 Track "Tornado/Bring the Pain" (UCR 002)
1998 Cassette 02 Track "Tight/Bring the Pain" (UCR 001-b)
1998 Cassette 02 Track "Pantyshot/Bring the Pain" (UCR 001-a)
1998 CD 10 Track (Unreleased) "Pink"
1997 CD 08 Track (Unreleased) "Mindless Self Indulgence"