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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Mind of Ein - Prog/Alt-Rock Suits them well"

Sometimes, it’s all about chemistry. Mind of Ein had been playing the Rhode Island club circuit for over a year, and doing pretty well playing heavy hard rock. But singer Adam Corsair wanted a different sound, and last fall, he persuaded his drummer and bassist to look for another guitarist.
Their choice, Sonny Palumbo, has transformed the band, and quickly made it one of the ones to watch in the wave of progressive/alt-rock that’s recently hit area stages.
The new Mind of Ein – “mind of one,” with a touch of German – is a vibrant, multifaceted young band inspired by the likes of Tool, the Mars Volta and Dream Theater, but skilled enough at audience dynamics to engage even listeners who would not, on their own, seek out music of such complexity.
It’s multi-textured, exploratory rock with real melodies, real songs and a strong vocal presence – all the elements needed to give original music wide appeal. They knew they had something, and the feedback after their first shows confirmed it.
“I’ve never been in a band where people said, ‘You’re fantastic,’ and actually mean that – and we’re getting a lot of that,” said Corsair.
The comments on their MySpace and TheBandList.com pages reflect that: Sure there’s the usual gushing and teasing by friends, but there’s also real praise for the music – “a sound like I’ve never heard and I’m sure everyone will love”; a simple “GREAT stuff” and invitation to play together again after a gig with prog-rock scene veterans Hemlok.
“My friends say, ‘This is the best band you’ve been in,” said Palumbo. “They recognize the chemistry between us.” Could these 19-21 year-olds succeed at that trickiest of band challenges, building a broad, loyal and every-growing audience? As students at three area colleges – Bryant University, New England Tech, and the Community College of Rhode Island – they have the opportunity to reach a remarkably wide range of potential fans, and with their drummer, Adam Muccino, being general manager of Bryant student radio station WJMF, they have a nice leg up.
With two Bryant students on the band (bassist Matt Bennet also goes there), Muccino got them access to the campus band practice space, where they meet twice a week. And they’re also networking intensively off-campus, connecting with kindred bands.
To maximize their live appeal, they’ve built a couple of Tool covers and one Rage Against the Machine song into their set, as attention grabbers. “The average crowd doesn’t want to listen to original music,” Palumbo said, so they use covers to open a door to their originals, and hint what they can offer.
“We don’t want to be Tool. We don’t to be A Perfect Circle,” he said. “We don’t want to be anyone buy ourselves. But they’re an influence of ours.”
In their own music, they keep it diverse – from slow and moody, to upbeat and radio-friendly – and just cryptic enough that audience can interpret each song as they will. “We really focus on feeling the music,” said Palumbo. “We write something and we have our own view, but we want the audience to have its own view.”
In between shows and rehearsals, they’re starting to record their music, but just for demos to share with clubs and MySpace fans. Palumbo, who’s studying to be a recording engineer, provides his home studio as needed.
Asked what they want to accomplish in the long run, they keep it low-key: “I just want to be recognized,” said Corsair. “I want to reach people.”
- Marion Davis for Motif Magazine January 18-31 2006

"Local Bands RI Review"

Mind Of Ein, started off their show with a cover, Rage against the machine’s Wake Up. If you didn’t know better, you would have never believed me if I told you that only a few bands earlier there was a big gap in front of the stage. The place got packed fast and people were going nuts for these guys. And these guys knew how to play a show.
It was hard to really get a grasp for their performance, one second I’m watching the guitarist play this Tom Morrelo like riffs, and then I spot the lead singer in the corner of my eye hanging from the ceiling, singing the song normally. I guess you can say it was one of those, “you had to be there moments”. The sound was like a perfect blend of Rage Against the Machine and Tool. Everyone who knew the words to the songs was singing along - and that was just about everyone there.

When the bands all put down their instruments for the day, it was time to find out who the winner was going to be. The organizer of the concert decided the winner by the amount of applause for each band after he called their names. I wasn’t surprised when the room roared into a chant for Mind of Ein when they got to their name - Ken Sisson


Mind of Ein EP (2006)

Songs from the demo can be listened to in streaming audio on our myspace.com/mindofein profile and purevolume.com. Our songs have been featured on some college radio stations.



Mind of Ein (pronounced – eye-n) consists of the members Matt Bennet, Adam Corsair, Adam Muccino, and Sonny Palumbo. The band has been together overall for about a year. Before August 2005, the band just consisted of Bennet, Corsair, and Muccino and their old guitarist. Now, the band has recruited Palumbo as their guitarist to replace their former one. Their music resembles that of Tool and A Perfect Circle. This gives them a very significant sound that can be liked and accepted from all ages. The band also holds a strong originality not only separating them from their professional influences, but from other local bands on the scene now. Corsair’s catchy melodies and powerful voice mixed with tribal pounding of drums by Muccino, topped off with articulate and melodic finger work by Bennet and Palumbo give this band a sound that goes beyond that of modern mainstream music.
Their songs vary from powerful musical journeys to slower, mysterious ballads. Corsair’s lyrics follow a certain theme pertaining to the band that also not only involve his own view, but also give room for the audience to interpret them their own way. His voice ranges greatly from cryptic whispers and jaw dropping melodies to gut wrenching screams. Some of their songs explore all of Corsair’s vocal dimensions in one (see ‘Breathing Underwater.’)
The work behind the drum kit done by Muccino, gives Mind of Ein’s songs a very great diversity and difficulty. Instead of playing the casual time keeping drum beats, Muccino slams the skins with a very forceful attitude. Classified now as “modern drumming,� the reminiscent African cultured rhythms presented by Muccino make him not only a pleasure to listen to, but an eye catching performance on stage.
Mind of Ein’s low end sound is covered by the very versatile and melodic Matt Bennet. His bass lines go beyond the average bass player’s ability. Instead of playing the cliche root note to the songs and following guitar work, Bennet makes himself his own instrument and role in the band, making him stick out among others. Besides creating his own uniqueness, Bennet compliments each other band member very well. Whether it’s writing a line to base a song around or coming up with a riff to compliment another member’s performance, Bennet brings to the table a versatile playing ability and a great personality.
The newest member of Mind of Ein, Sonny Palumbo, has brought the band their new sound since he joined. By taking the band out of a rock/rap theme into a more progressive edge, Palumbo brought original songs to the table he has had on the shelf for many years. Most of Mind of Ein’s songs are written around the guitar work of Palumbo because of this. His experience goes back to about 5 serious previous bands allowing his song structures to develop. Besides his guitar work, Palumbo is well known most for his stage presence.
Mind of Ein is band still working in the local Rhode Island scene doing what they do best to reach out to audiences everywhere. Their acknowledgement on the local scene is always growing as they are always looking for new venues to conquer and always looking for the next fan to bring aboard their fan base. They continue to be a band that should be watched out for by everyone into music, even if it isn’t their exact flavor of music.