Inspiring trips, using elements of pop, post-rock and a feminine shoegaze, wrapped up by the meandering, crisp clear and hypnotising voices of a man and a woman. A Mindpark song starting from silent beauty can develop into a mesmerizing groove to which you can but only dance.


Unanimously raving reviews on Mindpark’s first studio album “We Will Adapt” (“addicting masterpiece”, “a true feat of strength”, “among the best Dutch debutes in ages”) were followed up by many live shows throughout the Netherlands, gigs at national radio stations and extravagant theatre shows in collaboration with dancing collective United-C.

The second album is taking shape now, promising new adventurous pop songs, uncompromized trips, layered guitars, multilayered vocals and addicting melancholy. But Mindpark switched gears too, when a friendship with singer/songwriter Rebecca Sier resulted in the writing of refreshing and compelling songs. On top of that, the band continues creating versatile art shows with its brainchild TRIPPP: an intense synergy of music, dance and fine arts, fused into one great trip.

A renewed and energetic sound, full of inspiration shows how Mindpark has only just begun its musical adventure, with much to look forward to.


2014 - Full length second studio album

2012 - Live at the Grey Room (download + video)
1. Beautiful Morning
2. Out of the Maze
3. Microwaves
4. Dear Traveler

2011 - We Will Adapt (CD & download)
1. Beautiful People
2. Delicate
3. Box Is Better
4. Out of the Maze
5. Must Be Chemical
6. Closer
7. Dead People
8. Destroyer
9. Resonance
10. Microwaves
11. Dear Traveller
12. Empire Evidence

2010 - The Demo Sessions E.P.(limited download)
1. Sad Little Boy
2. Peanut Butter
3. Closer
4. Dead People