Mind Portal

Mind Portal

 Strasbourg, Alsace, FRA

Melodic & Dynamic !

The Mind Portal’s stage performance is particular because the live set is composed by a drummer with a keyboardist, like a band.
This composition gives a lot more dynamic to the show, which makes experience more exciting. It's a real visual & sonorous show.


Mind Portal is a young french band of electronic/psytrance and dubstep composed by Cinate (Boris Hoechstetter) and Huso (Huseyin Dogan) having respectively 20 years old.

Native to France, they make musics and drawing to express their emotions and for the simple pleasure. For this, they focused on the work of sound synthesis, the keyboard, electric guitar and drums...

In 2010, Mind Portal integrate the Side Wave Records' label and realease a first EP : Human Legacy.

Currently, the band multiplies the stage performances, and member time, work on their concept album with a MANGA


EP- HUMAN LEGACY, Side Wave Records
SINGLE - IN MY WORLD feat. CEDRIC EDGEL, Extra-Terra Records