Take 1 part Meshuggah & sift with 1 part Michael Jackson into a vat of cesium & rubidium. Heat with a Bunsen burner to 451ยบ F. Siphon 13.5 oz of solution from vat. Place in a beaker with 4 parts metal & 4 parts melody. Let mixture sit at room temperature overnight. Behold the serum: Mindrite.


A person who listens to Mindrite will be inspired to ask where such an eclectic, inspiring and sophisticated sound could possibly have been born. The answer is rather ironic in the eyes of a person with preconceived notions about the prototypical origins of big city bands. Mindrite's sound was born rather in the antithesis of the norm... a small, conservative, God-fearing farming town in Iowa called Indianola.
Mindrite accidentally began during the March of 2003 in a residential basement in Indianola. Current Mindrite drummer, Donnie Mengwasser, had recently parted ways as a vocalist with his former rap-metal band and capriciously decided to pick up drums. It turned out his aptitude for rhythm was uncanny.
Donnie was drumming at a house party one night when a random guest named Blake Brennan picked up a guitar and started playing along. Unbeknownst to anyone, this would become the first song Mindrite ever wrote.
Current voice for Mindrite, Spencer Fenimore, had only been on stage in his dreams prior to this most fortuitous meeting. Spencer was always known for his charisma and wit, but was the most unlikely candidate for the vocalist of a rock band. Nevertheless, Spencer asked Donnie if he could write vocals to a song that Donnie and Blake had recently composed. Not thinking much about it, Donnie concurred and gave Spencer a rough recording of the song.
Three years later Donnie, Spencer, Blake, bass player Brice Gill, and rhythm guitarist Jayson Kempf stood in a circle in the greenroom of the House of Bricks in Des Moines, Iowa with their eyes closed listening to the roar in the next room. 300 crazed Mindrite fans were chanting their name in strident, convicted litany eager to experience what fans have called the "high" of a live Mindrite performance.
Mindrite took the stage and the cheer was deafening. It was March 24th, 2006. Mindrite was officially retiring their old element, getting ready to transcend into yet another dimension of their career and music. This summer Mindrite will be releasing their very highly anticipated conceptual full-length album called "Razing the Sun."
Touring the Midwest, receiving stellar reviews at every show they play from press and fans alike; Mindrite has conquered their territory and has become a formidable powerhouse to be reckoned with in an unprecedented amount of time. Mindrite is now on cruise control and will continue moving up through the ranks at unstoppable speeds. With five young, ambitious, highly creative and talented musicians and a prolific ability to propagate groundbreaking music, Mindrite should be scrutinized closely. They have the sound, the look, the message, the music, the depth, the albums and live performance to back up their claims to excellence. Don't miss your opportunity to become a stockholder of the fastest growing stock in the world of rock today; Mindrite.


Extreme Means

Written By: Spencer Fenimore

Stand like a man that has a plan
Extend your hands to the pulse of the people and feel
Speak to the beat of their bleeding hearts, beating hard, so speak like God
Play the part
Burn like a star, set fire to the stage and devour who you are
Embrace what you've become
The Sun, The Light
Erasing the night
Lead the blind through the dark, with fire in their eyes getting high like Christ (chorus)
From heaven, my strings suspend
Extreme Means bring me so much closer to the end
I'm no Angel, but I must pretend
With this halo on my head I can justify my sins- end chorus
Act two of the play is more wanton, what can I say
I need it now more than I want it
Intoxicated by the flames, of the doom, and I'm haunted by the walls closing in like walls of a tomb
But sometimes you get what you wish for,
and then you get more
So much more than you wanted
Like Fire In Your Eyes Getting Hight Like Christ (repeat chorus)
Do they feel safe? Yes.
Is it really love, No.
Does it matter anyways?
No it never does
But now there's hope
Because the savior's here
Admit no mistakes
Show no fear
If you believe that you are saved then it's all you need.
While my veins fill with ice, there's fire in my eyes and I'm high like Christ! (chorus)


Written By: Spencer Fenimore

Tank is on full but the driver don't care
Crash right now while he looks in the mirror
My engineer aint got no soul
We found the bottom of a bottomless hole
(end Chorus)
We drive west toward the beautiful sunset, what a pretty fire that's set to expire next.
I'm gonna lay my head on the headrest
Take a deep breath and prepare for the next step
Wanna catch the coattail of the falling sun and ride it right off the edge until I fall in love
Move away from the beast to the east where the satiated mouths are alway fed
With their hate filled hearts and their swollen heads
The last ride 'till I'm finally alive and dead
In the mirror we sow signs of the vital dread
Right here, Right Now it's the final step
I don't want anything anymore with a pedal to the metal and my face to the floor
There's a pain in the floor that I've learned to ignore
There's no longer logic in locking the door
Everything that I want is right here,
I don't care cause I'm done, Driver would you please take me to the sun
Everything that I want is right here
Take me toward the love
Everything that I want is right here,
I don't care cause i"m done, Driver would you please take me to the Sun
Make me lose control
Make me achieve the impossible
Everything that I want is right here I don't care cause I'm done,
Driver would you please take me to the sun (chrous)


Written By: Spencer Fenimore

Scion I beget you now my son, to break my heart, you turn your back on me.

I'll lay an egg in our dream
and incubate where we all can see
Irrigated with the blood of the man
behold a killing machine
Their children will tremble
as we seize the land with our temple
leave these sinners frozen in fear
Their new commander is here

(full Chorus)
Scion I beget you now my son, to break my heart, you turn your back on me
I must turn my back on you now, to break my heart, this is how it has to be
(end Chorus)
Born in a predatory jaw,
These gluttons shall be consumed
Uphold peremptory law
take now a child from the womb
Countdown the time to their doom
Deploy your order soon
Lead these sinners to their tomb
Listen to the paradox, this is how it has to be
I'm the holy paradigm, damn you if you ever believe
Damn you if you ever breath,
Damn you under my decree
Damn forbidden fruit you eat
Damn the womb from which you come
I must turn my back on you
there was nothing I could do
Scion the unholy one
You must face your martyrdom
It's the only way to breathe


Written By: Spencer Fenimore

I'll only die for me
I'll only live for one thing
I was always told, I'm gonna live, If I'm gonna live,
then live for something
That something was my cynical circle
Where I'm the king and I'll only die for me
I'll only die for me
I'll only live for one thing
for my only lover
For me
Yeah I've got a center inside of a circle
and it makes, the outside what it is
what it is
Yeah I've got a center
I measure you from this
It makes everything circle around me
and everything circles around me
(end chorus)
I was always told I'm gonna die
If I'm gonna die
then die for something
That something was my cynical circle
where I'm the center, I'll die for me
Deep in the center where I hold these sentiments
make me un-whole
remind myself that they revolve around me
Deep in the center of my mind
I find a cynic that's inclined to seek a pleasure
that will never satisfy me
Deep in the center of this sentimental circus you will find
an image of a serpent with a spine
An image of a freak of nature
An image of a creature,
An image of a stranger
An image you've never seen before... an image of me.

I'll only die for me, I'll only live for one thing
My only lover
for me

Razing The Sun

Written By: Spencer Fenimore

The sun fell from the horizon
and again darkness was born
A silent supplication begs to preclude this sinister war which consumes them.
But there was no answer.
Just the crack of a distant storm
And unbeknownced to all
the worst was yet to come
Again darkness would fall
To obscure this sinister truth
I'll exhume it
Here is the answer
It could destroy and save us all.
The same fire which sustains us
to ignite the pain,
and light the stage for the world to see
And the show will go on.
And the show will go on.
And as long a she burns,
the show will go on
A nightmare keeps turning we must raze the sun
(end Chorus)
Bursting through the surface
Mother drench me in your flames
I must make amends now
with the victims I have slain.
I had to light myself on fire
Just to get your attention
But you see the truth now and you know what to do now
Or the show will go on
and the show will go on.
Listen to the screaming of the devil as he sees his disheveled reflection
the decrepit image of a sinister man,
with a gun in his hand
Verging on a apoplectic revelation
You need to weep
you need to
You need to
Listen to the lord, listen to the lord
Listen to the lord as he weeps,
Listen to the lord as he screams,
Listen to the lord as he dreams,
Listen to the lord as he sleeps
Listen to the lord as he's filled in every single pore, with every single pain, from every single war that's waged in his name.
Listen to the lord.
You need to cry right now.
or the show will go on
And so she stopped burning
the visage of love
A nightmare stopped turning, and we razed the sun.


Written By: Spencer Fenimore

Catch me on the comeback I'm frail and lethargic,
prolonging my habit while I'm wrapped in this darkness
the coming of the mummy with empty remorse,
Full of prescription addicted and hungry,
a sleepwalking zombie that feed on the loving
The medicine man is the pimp of the whores,
keeps the cure coming
keeps my blood pumping while he smiles like a demon and kisses his money
I swallow it whole intensifying my sickness, it's taking control,
crawls though my soul, feeding and festering
Anti-depressing me
A poor conquered coward digesting his recipe
addicted and deadly controlling my destiny.
So I bow three times a day and I cower like a slave to his master
I hand myself to you.
Catch me on the comeback I feeble and nervous,
Appeal to my addiction provide me the service
I twist off the top and I rise to the surface,
The monster the killer, the walking unconscious,
the fat man is paid, this man with no conscience,
exploiting the poor as he steal from the slaves.
Cruel and dishonest he'll lie to his grave, he cures me with nonsense worse than before.
Malignant and chronic, caught on a comeback, fiending for more,
caught in a corner, cowardly killer, I feel like a whore.
Fucked with a pill I fall to the floor.
A contracted kill, premeditate the murder, all for the bill.
This plan went wrong and awry, you know I love you
But still you die along with me.
You must believe.
Diseased and I'll and I need my pill
So I bow three times a day and I cower like a slave to his master
You know I love you


Author of Addiction - LP (June 2004)
The Xenocide - EP (February 2005)
Live from Dead Moines - DVD (December 2005)
Live from Dead Moines - LP (February 2006)
Espial - LP (March 2006)
Razing the Sun - LP (July 2006)
The Meaning of the Word Love (2007)
This Moment or the Lack Thereof (2008) -double disc-
Homegrown and Uncured, Live from Iowa the DVD (2008)

Set List

Songs we play live from Author of Addiction are... Tepid Pool, Everything and occasionally Voyeur.
Songs we Play live from Razing The sun are... Never Fall in Love, Scion, Commander, Vilified Angel, Razing The Sun
Songs we play live from Love are... More, Hail The Queen, Driver, Stranger, Without Color, Diary
Other Misc. songs... Confession, Extreme Means

Sets vary between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the club and whether the band is opening, headlining or in between. However, Mindrite has enough original material to perform for an entire year straight. Covers are not a part of the repertoire.