Mindset Defect

Mindset Defect

 Goodlettsville, Tennessee, USA

Mindset Defect has been the definitive hard rock band in Nashville for ten years, not only defining quality in their song writing, but also raising the bar of live performance with their energetic and relentless musical assault. With a broad range from aggressive melodic metal to sweeping progressive rock opuses, no single genre truly encompasses their style. Mindset Defect has been critically acclaimed for years and still remains as trend setters in the Nashville rock scene.


"Taking over the local rock scene and soon everywhere else with incredible writing on guitars and vocals. A mix between rock and melodic metal that anyone who appreciates music will be awestruck." - Tony Stone, WBUZ

The hard rock band Mindset Defect has been taking the eastern U.S. by storm, not only being chosen to play the 2014 Nashville Warped tour, and the finals of the American Battle national band showcase, but also sharing the stage with heavy hitters like Helmet, Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Mushroomhead, Bobaflex, Straight Line Stitch, Diecast, Almost Kings, Intronaut and more. Since their conception in 2005 Mindset Defect has worked diligently to bring something different to rock and metal fans, and ten years later have been recognized both locally and nationally for their efforts. Their music stands apart with the innovative use of melodic vocals, dueling guitars, heavy rhythms and lyrics that can be both brooding and uplifting. Combined with an electrifying live show Mindset Defect set the standard for which rock bands in the area are measured. Transcending traditional genres and mixing the aggressiveness of metal, with the sweeping melody of popular rock music and the musical landscape of progressive rock, Mindset Defect brings more of a musical experience than a band just playing a live show. Each bar of music the members write are extensions of their personality and are seamlessly woven into every song which accentuates Mindset Defect's unique sound.

Mindset Defect has become an example of perseverance and hard work garnering critical acclaim locally and nationally. Mindset Defect has recieved eleven local music awards ranging from musicianship to song writing and live performance. Mindset Defect participated in the 2013 American Battle national music showcase where they ended as fourth in the country as decided by a panel of record industry professionals. Mindset Defect was also chosen to play the 2014 Nashville Warped Tour. Independent showcase leader Project Independent, has named Mindset Defect as one of the top 5 unsigned Hard rock/Metal bands in the United States after they participated in the Project Independent National Showcase four years in a row. In March of 2012 Mindset Defect beat out 21,000 bands to be selected as one of 86 finalists around the globe to compete in Hard Rock CafeĆ¢€™s Global Band Battle.  Their relentless work ethic has been noticed world wide and has gained them sponsorships from SPAUN drums, KRAMER guitars, Scymtek Cymbals, Silverfox Drum sticks, IN TUNE Guitar Picks, and S.I.T. Strings.   



Written By: Mindset Defect

These words will tear your world apart
and bring you down to my level
these severed hands will feel again
reaching in
and strangle to manipulate the course
of your enlightenment
your face is turning blue again

And peel your eyes wide open
so you don't miss a thing

I wasn't put here on this earth to be silent. But the understanding comes so slow. We weren't put here on this earth to be paralized by our own device....


Maniac on the run
Holding out for one last chance
to put my blade against the grain,
against the pain..
I will ascend but not before
I get under and lift you up
above this pretentious charade

and peel your eyes wide open
so you don't miss a thing

Yeah, wide open

I wasn't put here on this earth to be silent, but the understanding comes so slow. We weren't put here on this earth to be paralyzed by our own device...


Paint The Sky

Written By: Mindset Defect

Can't stop this world from turning
the crushing thumbs of fate lies on our mind, shall I,

tell you what you want to hear.

Your bridges burn so bright at night, we are the clouds on your sunshine, shall I

tell you what you want to hear, you will not be the last one.

Don't become disenchanted with the outside world. Falling apart with every piercing breath, it's just as well. you will not learn by closing in, never break from under. Bring down the walls, bring them down, BRING THEM DOWN

Mentally falling out
Try to catch myself before I hit the ground. It's different everytime I come around. Everytime I turn around, you've got to taste the blood that's on our hands I'll feel better if I stand alone.

If I stand alone

Should I tell you what you want to hear, you will not be the last one

Your burning thoughts define you, and walking the thin line, your spirits rise, take these wings and paint the sky. It's only life, it's only everything


Beautiful Murder

Written By: Mindset Defect

The floor is sinking in,
I'm surrounded by all your loose ends.
My mind is aching again,
No sleep at all tonight

Because we're all
Reaching out and pulling in
for something more
than nothing of our own

Against my tongue

I've seen you in my own way,
come in out of the rain.
I've watched you breath in silence
as I touched your face.

come Home
the waiting
is killing me

Because we're all
Reaching out and pulling in
for something more
than nothing of our own.
And when your grace,
falls to nothing
I will be there when you're all alone.
So turn around
and you won't notice

You make
So beautiful

Never will I lead in the shadow of your demise.
Time won't let us be, won't let us, can't be this way.


Crisis Reborn - Demo 2006

Device E.P. - 2009
"Paint the Sky"
"Beautiful Murder"

Live 09' DVD - 2010

December Metal Edge Compilation CD
Featuring "Device"

Set List

The Fantasy The Lie
Picture of Disaster
Bleed and Die
The Victor and The Vanquished
Paint the sky
Beautiful Murder
No Way Out
Sell The World
By The Way
Questioning Everything
Tomorrow Never Comes

Set time average 30 to 60 min.