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Mindset Defect

Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


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"Mindset Defect from "The Metal Register""

Imagine August Burns Red, Threat Signal, Killswitch Engage, and All That Remains came together to form a gigantic supergroup of musicality, and that’s close to what Mindset Defect, a three-almost-four piece band from Nashville, TN, sounds like.

This metal, possibly metalcore, band uses the now-common singing+screaming combination, but not strictly within the typical formula, as the truly singing vocals also appear outside of the chorus, just as harsh vocals often provide background accompaniment to the singing itself. What makes this band different from many of those within similar genres is their choice of tempo and technicality: solos and intricate guitar work are constant throughout the songs, but guitar harmonies and galloping drums have substantial roles in both the verse and chorus, sometimes bringing to mind other bands of similar habits, such as Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, or, as the originators of this technique, Iron Maiden.

Even though the music of Mindset Defect is heavy, syncopated, and has great focus on highly proficient guitarwork, they choose to step once again outside the expectations of genre by preferring slower tempos than are typical, leading to more focused attention by listeners – who would likely expect a much more brutal rhythm. Without such changes to the musical formulae, these southern rockers would not stand out as original or interesting, but, luckily for fans and listeners, they made the decision to choose creativity over copycat appeal. - Kyle Brady

"Cinco De Metal @ The Rutledge"

Excerpt from a live review from May 5th 2007

For the third course of this Cinco De Mayo smorgasbord, Mindset Defect took to the stage. From the first note to the last, this band was all over the place and played with sheer precision through every song. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see a band promote the hell out of their show, build up lots of hype, and then sound unprepared when it’s time to deliver. I certainly didn’t get that impression from Mindset Defect. They were ready to come out swinging and did a great job interacting with the crowd. There were even a few mini mosh pits in the crowd during their set. Earlier, I mentioned the “emo” style of vocals with one guy singing and one guy screaming. Mindset Defect had the same type of structure to a lot of their songs but the vocals were much harder edged and in-pitch which resulted in a very well-crafted sound. The band also didn’t stare at their shoes during their set (something I’ve grown tired of seeing at shows); they played with a load of enthusiasm and really got into their songs. I’ve been hearing good things about this band for the past year and had to break plans to see them a number of times. I wish I could have seen them sooner, but with what I witnessed last Saturday, I’m sure I’ll have plenty more chances to see them. If you like metal and haven’t checked out Mindset Defect, you can feel comfortable that you will get your money’s worth.

Chris “Uncle Daddy” Czynszak - Nashvillerock.net

"Mindset Defect Device E.P. Review"

Casey Davis was kind enough when we met at the Rockbar Metal show to give me their new CD. I had accepted them as friends because I liked what I heard. The vocals are fantastic, guitars are some of the best around town, drums and bass give it that great backbeat. Haven't caught them live yet, but I will. Starting off with Device this has great melodies mixing the best of hard rock and metal, love that about this band, vocals by all members of the band, with Jeremy Shields on bass and vox, Casey Davis on guitar and vox, Jason McGuire on guitar and vocals also, add some fantastic drumming and vocals by Scott Haynes this is the full metal jacket. No Way Out is a nice metal meltdown but Beautiful Murder is the song that I love the most, great vocals, the band is tight. Plenty of metal here, but this band adds to it with the lyrics and some really scorching guitars, this song is dark, I love it, yeah this one is going on my IPOD, love this song. Bleed And Die, again the guitar work blows me away, drums are awesome and bass is great. Great lyrics on this one, great vocals, I have got to see these guys live! Love the range changes in this song. Paint The Sky is pure metal at it's best but again the vocals are what really impress me about this band, great lyrics again, this band is going to be up there with my other favorite metal bands, the songs are excellent, thanks Casey, this is the shit, I love this band. Guitar work is very intricate. Drums are just crazy! This last song is really great, what genius guitar work, I think I am going to really love seeing this band live! Metal, but a twist, original. I like that too. Check them out next time you see they are playing! I know I will! - Nashvillerock.net


Crisis Reborn - Demo 2006

Device E.P. - 2009
"Paint the Sky"
"Beautiful Murder"

Live 09' DVD - 2010

December Metal Edge Compilation CD
Featuring "Device"



"Taking over the local rock scene and soon everywhere else with incredible writing on guitars and vocals. A mix between rock and melodic metal that anyone who appreciates music will be awestruck." - Tony Stone, WBUZ

The hard rock band Mindset Defect has been taking the eastern U.S. by storm, not only being chosen to play the 2014 Nashville Warped tour, and the finals of the American Battle national band showcase, but also sharing the stage with heavy hitters like Helmet, Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Mushroomhead, Bobaflex, Straight Line Stitch, Diecast, Almost Kings, Intronaut and more. Since their conception in 2005 Mindset Defect has worked diligently to bring something different to rock and metal fans, and ten years later have been recognized both locally and nationally for their efforts. Their music stands apart with the innovative use of melodic vocals, dueling guitars, heavy rhythms and lyrics that can be both brooding and uplifting. Combined with an electrifying live show Mindset Defect set the standard for which rock bands in the area are measured. Transcending traditional genres and mixing the aggressiveness of metal, with the sweeping melody of popular rock music and the musical landscape of progressive rock, Mindset Defect brings more of a musical experience than a band just playing a live show. Each bar of music the members write are extensions of their personality and are seamlessly woven into every song which accentuates Mindset Defect's unique sound.

Mindset Defect has become an example of perseverance and hard work garnering critical acclaim locally and nationally. Mindset Defect has recieved eleven local music awards ranging from musicianship to song writing and live performance. Mindset Defect participated in the 2013 American Battle national music showcase where they ended as fourth in the country as decided by a panel of record industry professionals. Mindset Defect was also chosen to play the 2014 Nashville Warped Tour. Independent showcase leader Project Independent, has named Mindset Defect as one of the top 5 unsigned Hard rock/Metal bands in the United States after they participated in the Project Independent National Showcase four years in a row. In March of 2012 Mindset Defect beat out 21,000 bands to be selected as one of 86 finalists around the globe to compete in Hard Rock Cafe’s Global Band Battle.  Their relentless work ethic has been noticed world wide and has gained them sponsorships from SPAUN drums, KRAMER guitars, Scymtek Cymbals, Silverfox Drum sticks, IN TUNE Guitar Picks, and S.I.T. Strings.   

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