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Borlänge, Dalarna, Sweden | SELF

Borlänge, Dalarna, Sweden | SELF
Band Rock Alternative




"Borlängebandens officiella firmafest (Swedish)"

"Samtidigt överraskar på andra scenen trion Mindset med en stark emoinfluerad rock och skaffade sig några nya fans.

- Det här bandet kommer att bli riktigt stora! De kan sin sak, vilken känsla, kommenterar musikälskaren Janne Keränen saligt och ger en initierad analys av bandets kvaliteter." - Dalarnas Tidningar


Walls (2010) - Self-recorded and self-produced 11 track demoalbum.



"This band is going to be huge! They know what they're doing, what a feeling." - Gig Attendee

Mindset was formed 2 years ago in a town called Borlänge. We started the band as a laidback project, mostly playing covers and nibbling at the thought of writing our own material. It was only after we compressed our member count from 4 down to 3 that we really started taking the project and our musicality seriously.

Starting our musical career in Borlänge, which is one of the most musically active towns in Sweden, we knew that we had to have strong material and a high level of quality to even be able to compete. Thus, during the first months of the "New Era" , as we call it, we built... We built the foundation that is Mindset - the music. Influenced by such acts as Muse, Radiohead, Feeder and U2, our music varies from heavy energizing riffs to soothing and heartgrabbing melodies, stretching the boundries of genres. Confident in the material we have amassed we are currently in the process of reaching out with that which we have made.

As stated above Mindset currently consists of three members. Oscar Lennerhag, Jeff Valdez and Rickard Carlsson. All our material to this point is self-recorded and self-produced.