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Manchester, New Hampshire, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | SELF

Manchester, New Hampshire, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Rock Progressive






Prog rockers ready new album

By Michael Witthaus

After a long break since releasing 2015’s Oceans, Mindset X is readying Humanz — the band’s first album with guitarist Lucian David- son. The son of bassist and keyboard player Paul Davidson, he joined in 2018, and his presence is noticeable on the new disc’s first song. “For The Love Of War” is a hefty, tooth- some number that recalls early Black Sabbath and proto Metallica; the single will drop on Feb. 22. Ahead of that, the Manchester quartet will celebrate a milestone on Jan. 29 at Angel City Music Hall.

“Eighteen years together,” singer, guitarist and primary songwriter Steve Haidaichuk said by phone recently. “It feels like we’re 22 again — just a little more achy.” The new addition has refreshed the group. “We fell in that prog-rock niche over maybe the past 10 years,” Haidaichuk said. “Lucian’s background is a lot more metal, so it brings our aggressiveness to the fore front. Not to say that I’m not a metal guy, but, like,I dabble. ... Lucien grew up on the big metal bands.” “We were looking to add more to the sound of Mindset X,” Paul Davidson said. “A guitar player seemed to be the natural of what we’re looking for, which actually was great — it brings Steve to the front of the stage, instead of hanging back with us. So he’s more of a front man now.”

While Oceans was a concept album featuring a primary character, Humanz has other ambitions. “It kind of ties back to the square root of what we are as a species,” Haidaichuk said. “It’s almost like part two, but it takes it in a little different angle,” Paul Davidson said, adding that the new effort reflects the many challenges of the recent past — lockdowns, dread and endlessness. “You’re caught in a box for so long; you just want to break out of it, just let it all go.” “I think every soul has probably written about their time in Covid-town,” Haidaichuk said. “This really isn’t about that, but it did make me reflect on the way society handled it, from an outsider looking in perspective [of] us as a species; really seeing our good points and our bad points.”

Keeping with the math-themed title of Humanz, the release of “For The Love Of War” on 2-22-22 will be followed by a video of the song two weeks later, with a “two by two” cycle repeating every other week until the full record is out.

“When we first started doing this, we released too much music over the course of a year, then as we got farther down the line as a band we released too little,” Haidaichuk said. “I think we learned from both of those experiences what kind of works and what doesn’t. ... Some people still like CDs, and some people don’t even own a CD player anymore.”

They’re excited to perform at Angel City, one of their home city’s newest venues. “It’s a classic club and for Manchester to have one of these, I think it’s about time,” Paul Davidson said. “Especially because you’re limited when you’re playing original music as well ... it’ll be nice to have almost like a welcoming show.”

They’ll play two sets, featuring new songs mixed with old favorites, occasionally reworked. Haidaichuk stressed that their aim is to shake things up and remove expectations. “At the end of the day, we’ve always taken the music side of us extremely seriously; we like to write things that we feel mean some- thing, and maybe make a statement or two,” he said. “But on the flip side of that... we want you to have fun while we get you to think; that’s pretty much what Mindset X has always been.” - Hippo Press

"Mindset X Oceans Review Oct 2015 Issue 68"

Mindset X
2015 (CD, 50:46)
Transit Music Group
Progressive Rock/Hard Rock
4 stars out of 5

How have I missed hearing about Mindset X the past 10 years? This New Hampshire power trio has released six albums including a greatest -hits collection in 2014. It recently shared the stage with Scorpions, Fates Warning and Queensryche, and they should be booked to play the ProgPower USA festival.

Rush and Foo Fighters are clear reference points as Mindset X blurs rock and prog into a melodic mind-twister, with vocalist/guitarist Steve Haidaichuk singing like a Paul Stanley or Ted Leonard. Apparently, Oceans is a concept album about a man named Jacob and his eternal search for happiness. The likes of "I Imagine", "Island" and the ballad "Castaway" suggest Mindset X could have been an early entry on the rosters of Magna Carta or InsideOut Music. The hooks on "Shockwave" and "War and Crime" are as strong as anything you'll hear on modern rock radio.

The album's not perfect, as the basic "Flatline" is about like its title while short fillers "Zero 220" and "The Great Divide" Part I aren't necessary. But folks who prefer doses of hard rock with their prog will find plently to like here.

Michael Popke - Progression Magazine

"Mindset X - Oceans"

Since emerging in 2006, US band Mindset X has never been slow in enticing ears with hook laden and inventively melodic songs, creating anthems which grip the body as firmly as the imagination. Equally though the past years and releases have seen the New Hampshire trio explore a more progressively seeded enterprise as their sound and songwriting has evolved and matured. It has been a perpetual time of potent songs and attention grabbing releases luring frequent acclaim, praise forcibly matched by their live presence and hunger. Now the Manchester band has set down another benchmark with new album Oceans, a fascinating, imagination fuelled concept album unveiling band’s most expansive and emotionally intimate sound yet.

The eleven track encounter is an absorbing proposition which around body manipulating escapades, immerses ears and thoughts in a soundscape of emotional turbulence and discovery wrapped in atmospheric and progressive rock suggestiveness. Each track has its own tale, its own unique narrative of sound and word, uniting for one gripping incitement. As most releases, certain moments have bigger success with personal tastes than others but at no point does Oceans lose its hold on the adventurer sharing its journey or leave a quickly triggered appetite feeling unfulfilled.

Recorded with multiple Grammy Award winner Jay Frigoletto and featuring guest appearances from Paul Bielatowicz and Simon Fitzpatrick of The Carl Palmer Band and John Wesley of Porcupine Tree, Oceans opens with the brief Zero 220. The track sets the album’s scene, the charm and solitude of coastal waves lapping the senses as a gentle melody courts the air. The imagination is on alert and quickly fed with the hard rock grooves and bluesy spicing of I Imagine straight after. Typical Mindset X in that it is a swiftly engaging stroll of inventive hooks wrapped in a melodic wine that intoxicates as it colours the growing context of the song. The distinctive voice of Steven Haidaichuk is as equally expressive as his guitar enterprise whilst the swiping beats of drummer Adam Cote provide a textured grounding to match the throaty growl of Paul Davidson’s bass.

It is an accomplished and highly enjoyable full start to the album but soon outshone by the band’s new single Shockwave. Striding in on a rhythmic magnetism cast by Cote, the track soon entangles ears in spicy sonic scythes and a moody bassline, all as contagious as they are suggestive. A fresh snarl lines the tones of Haidaichuk as he proceeds to prowl the persuasive web cast by the predator like encounter. Two thirds in and an apocalyptic aftermath sizzles, providing more food for thought with the lyrical side, before things are back in a virulent swing hard to resist let alone ignore.

From one peak to another and the glorious incitement of Flatline where again bass and drums spring a highly compelling and provocative trap that thoughts grip greedily, before a gentle caress of guitar hugs emotive vocals. The hypnotic lure of the track increases as crescendos erupt and caustically sizzle on the senses, the tribalistic rhythms continuing to provoke and bewitch as the heart of the protagonist theming Oceans melancholically flows out.

An electronic ambience makes a thicker presence in Island next, the keys of Davidson shadowing the melodic and emotion drenched croon of the classic rock spiced song. Though it does not quite light the same spark inside as its predecessor, the track is a ripe bloom of resourceful invention and creative colour which only feeds ears and mind with lingering enjoyment. Being placed within the might of the previous song and The Bends which follows does it no favours though; the new track a spellbinding wash of sinister atmospherics and sonic intrigue around more personal and intimate introspection from the album’s character voiced impressively by Haidaichuk. Around him, keys and guitar create a cloud of temptation, a climate stalked by the moody lure of the bass and graced by subsequent celestial harmonies.

The infectious rock ‘n’ roll of You and Me takes over next, its easily accessible yet precisely sculpted swagger a quick and unshakeable persuasion leading to a brewing addiction whilst the initial exotically sultry ambience of War and Crime lights a fresh fire in the passions with its smouldering seduction before breeding a glorious infestation of grooves and spiky hooks for gnarly rock ‘n’ roll drawing on angst and social inspirations for its virulent tempting.

The flowing elegance and melodic prowess of Castaway is another which does not tickle personal tastes as firmly but still leaves ears full of potent temptation. For others it will undoubtedly be one of the highlights and easy to see why with its emotional charm and melodic beauty, but for us The Great Divide Part I quickly steals attention from it with its instrumental theatre whilst setting up the imagination for the triumph of The Great Divide Part II. The closing song on Oceans, it is also the most inventive and experimental, Mindset X spinning a tapestry of numerous styles and flavours into an emprise of craft and heart which just gets stronger and more delicious, not forgetting irresistible, with each and every listen. The pinnacle of a consistently thrilling album, it is also quite possibly the best any song written by the band, ingrained favourites aside, a slice of invention as emotionally provocative as it is contagious. At times it is raw rock ‘n’ roll, in other moments a cinematic adventure, and persistently a progressive lined exploration to enthral and incite.

Mindset X has had a potent and increasingly growing sound for a fair few years now but they have tapped into something deeper and fresher within their imagination with Oceans, with us the listener reaping the rewards.

Oceans is out now through most online stores with the single Shockwave available as a free download @ http://mindsetx.bandcamp.com/track/shockwave

http://www.mindsetx.com http://www.twitter.com/mindsetxband https://www.facebook.com/mindsetx

Pete RingMaster 06/10/2015 - The Ringmaster

"Oceans Review"

“It’s always exciting when Mindset X release new music and “Oceans” is their finest yet. The album is filled with solid songwriting and stellar musicianship. It grabs your attention from start to finish and deserves to be played on repeat! “– Limelight Magazine - Limelight Magazine

"Mindset Proves How Deep Their Talent Runs at the CD Release for Oceans"

By Shawn Herlihy

Photos by Kimberly Marchand

As Mindset X entered the Stone Church Meeting House in Newmarket, NH for their CD release blow-out on August 29, they knew the audience wasn’t in for a run-of-the-mill night of music. Accompanied by My Sister Will and The Gray Davies, they knew they’d be stepping up their game ~ and step it up they did. The trio ripped through the new songs off their album Oceans and then performed a raucous mini set of older favorites; I overheard more than a few people commenting that they felt as though they’d just seen a national-level show ~ and with the bands giving some of the best performances of their careers, the sound system pounding, the drinks flowing (courtesy of a great staff), and the crowd going crazy from the very first note, I have to say I agree with them.

My Sister Will kicked off the night with a raucous, raunchy (just the way we like it) set of hard rock and roll originals and some great covers. “All our songs are about rock and roll or having sex,” frontman Jayce Longway proclaimed. They backed up the swagger with an incredibly electric, pounding set. Launching into an Extreme cover, the guys were joined by guest singers to add to the already great harmonies provided by bassist Ryan Gagne-Hall. “Drinking Motherf***ers Say, ‘Hell Yeah!'” is the band’s call, and the response from the audience showed they were totally into what the band what giving them from the stage. MSX’s home base of Manchester was well represented by Jayce and company.

The Gray Davies then took the stage and instantly launched into a Replacements-meets-Fugazi, catchy-as-hell set. They feature an energetic ~ and a bit crazy ~ frontman (a compliment from us, to be sure!) and a pounding rhythm section that was reminiscent of everything from punk to a touch of stoner metal. One memorable song after another from this tight, veteran threesome brought the already palpable energy level in the house up another notch.

The guys in Mindset X always enjoy playing for an audience. But for this show, they were determined to get everything just right. From setting up lighting rigs hours in advance to hashing out the long set, they made sure every detail was covered and doublechecked. Songs from the album Oceans were faithfully delivered, but there’s always room for improvisation, and tonight was no different in that regard. “Island,” an already soaring, showstopping piece, was presented with a longer-than-usual finale, a little guitar frenzy by Steven, and a satisfied smile by all three as the song ended.

The trio has really hit its mark in terms of the writing and musical choices on this latest album, so being able to present it to a live audience and get the overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from them that they did was incredibly satisfying for the band and everyone involved in its creation ~ and for those of us who got to witness Mindset X’s obvious triumph. This album was over a year in the making, and engineer/producer Jay Frigoletto beamed side stage as he enjoyed seeing the fruits of his labor so well received.

The 15 minute opus “The Great Divide” was met with one of the biggest ovations of the night. It is that piece of music in particular that grows and grows in the live performance. After finishing what might be considered MX’s live masterpiece thus far, the last song on Oceans, the boys tuned up and brought out some of their old favorites. By the time they got around to “Dirty Little Freak,” the dance floor was packed and it was clear that the night ~ and the band ~ were both huge successes!

One phrase that keeps appearing in various forms in reviews of Oceans is that Mindset X has made progressive music accessible and fun ~ and judging by the CD release party, the comment is dead-on ~ and is just the beginning of the kudos that the band will be earning not only with this album, but with many to come.

The story of Jacob is just getting started. - FlashWounds

"Paul Bielatowicz , guitarist/The Carl Palmer Band/Neal Morse band"

"The true spirit of prog rock is at the heart of Mindset X's unique sound." Paul Bielatowicz , guitarist/The Carl Palmer Band/Neal Morse band - Paul Bielatowicz

"The Morning Buzz Rock 101"

"Mindset X rocked the house at the Saving Abel show" - Radio


Hailing from Manchester, N.H., Mindset X is an alternative hard rock band with a progressive twist consisting of Steve Haidaichuk (guitar and vocals), Paul Davidson (bass and vocals) and Adam Cote (drums). The band was founded over 10 years ago and has recorded four full-length albums and a few EPs. They are currently recording a new concept album, entitled Oceans, that will be released in early 2015. Over the past decade, they have opened for such national acts as Queensryche, Candlebox, Korn, Stone Temple Pilots, 3 Days Grace, and Halestorm. On October 21, 2014, they will be opening for The Stick Men (featuring Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter) at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Mass. We recently caught up with the band who were busy recording their new album and rehearsing for their gig with The Stick Men.

Limelight Magazine (LM): Mindset X is opening for The Stick Men at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, Mass., on Oct. 21, 2014. How did that gig come about? Is the band looking forward to it?

Steve Haidaichuk: The indie label that we are on, Transit Music Group, really put this all together. We were just really on the sidelines relaying information back and forth (laughs). We actually were working on a show with John Wesley [of Porcupine Tree] that ended up falling through due to scheduling conflicts and it happened that this show just magically came together right afterwards…It’s an understatement to say we are excited. I mean, the talent in Stick Men is unbelievable. I can tell you that we are all working diligently on our chops.

LM: You’re going to be releasing a new single from your forthcoming album entitled Oceans on the same day. What’s the single called? Were you always planning to release a single in October or did you decide to do so after the band was asked to be the support act for The Stick Men?

Steve Haidaichuk: The single is called “You & Me”. We actually planned on releasing the album in October but decided that it was pointless to rush it out. We want it to be perfect and we really don’t have anyone breathing down our back so we pushed the album release to early 2015. It just made sense as singles are usually released a few months ahead of albums anyway. It was just good luck that The Stick Men show happened to pan out for October.

LM: Will you be playing the single at the Regent? Will there be any other new songs from Oceans performed that night?

Adam Cote: Yes, we will be playing the single along with mostly new material and a modified version of one of our fan favorites.

LM: Speaking of Oceans, it’s going to be a conceptual album. Can you tell me more about it? What’s the underlying concept?

Paul Davidson: The concept is simple. It’s about one’s life. The trials and tribulations one goes through to discover oneself, to find himself in the universe, and not alone.

LM: How much of the album has already been recorded? When did you expect it to be released?

Steve Haidaichuk: Oceans is pretty far along tracking wise. I just finished up all my electric guitars a few weeks ago and have a few acoustic parts to do and then it’s on to the vocal tracks. Adam and Paul have completed everything they needed to lay down. Our goal is an early 2015 release with a tour starting up in the spring.

LM: Could you walk us through the band’s songwriting process?
Adam Cote: Steve is the main writer, but we all have input into song structure, riffs, lyrics etc.

Steve Haidaichuk: Oceans was definitely a band effort, writing wise. Like all good stories, it started out on a cocktail napkin.

LM: You’re publicist told us that John Wesley of Porcupine Tree is making an appearance on the CD. He’s an amazing guitarist. How did you end up getting him to appear on the CD?

Steve Haidaichuk: He is quite a talented guitarist and all around great guy. His new album is fantastic. Early on, our goal was to set up a show with John in October. We discussed having him play a solo on the new album. The show, unfortunately, fell through due to scheduling conflicts but he did perform a really cool solo on one of the tunes. We’ve discussed shows together in the future and I am sure that eventually it will happen.

LM: You’re recording the new album with Grammy-winning engineer Jay Frigoletto whose credits include Alice in Chains and most recently Kix. How did you end up working with him? What’s the experience been like so far?

Steve Haidaichuk: We met Jay through mutual friends and have worked with him in the past, mastering wise. During the writing of Oceans, we asked him if he would be interested in recording it and, thankfully, he said yes. It’s a wonderful laid back studio with a great vibe. The chemistry has been fantastic and we are always bouncing ideas off each other.

LM: Over the past 10 years, you’ve recorded four full length albums and a few EPs. Is there anything different you’re doing this time than past recordings?

Adam Cote: There are definitely differences on the new recording. We are taking our time and doing it right and being open to direction from our top shelf engineer/producer and using everything we have learned over the years to make something special.

LM: Lastly, why should people come see Mindset X perform live on Oct. 21st?

Paul Davidson: They should come to the show not only for the experience, but to discover something real – something solid – something pure. The music by Mindset X!

Steve Haidaichuk: We do what we do for the love of creating and performing. The Stick Men show will be no different. It will be amazing to perform with such a talented line up. It will be a special evening indeed. - Limelight Magazine


Humanz - Summer 2022

For the Love of War (Single) - February 22nd, 2022

Oceans - September 1st, 2015

Self Titled LP - 2011

As Seen on TV LP - 2009

Thread LP - 2008

Physics (debut) - 2006



There is no better example of a hardworking local band than Mindset X. These guys are talented musicians, and I always look forward to hearing what they will come up with next. Unlike some bands that just recycle older material, Mindset X is always creating new music for their many fans."

-Donna Halper; credited with discovering the band RUSH.

Mindset X is a progressive heavy foursome with a hint of art rock that delivers a blend of intellectually lyrical and powerfully driven songs, the kind of music that makes a statement and invites thought, all while providing some serious groove for the body and soul. Hailing from the Manchester, NH area, MSX is comprised of Steve Haidaichuk (Vocals and guitar), Paul Davidson (Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals), Lucian Davidson (Guitar) and Adam Cote (Drums). The music MSX creates has plenty of diversity to please fans of many different genres, from alt rock - heavy metal to progressive rock, from headbangers to ballad lovers...and everything in between. 

This New England Music Award Hard Rock Nominee has opened for national acts such as; Queensryche, Candlebox, Breaking Benjamin, Korn, Stone Temple Pilots, 3 Days Grace, Halestorm and legendary King Crimson members Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto as part of supergroup 'Stickmen'.

The band's vocals and musical prowess is both dynamic & exciting and their on stage presence is high energy and infectious! With a tight and focused rhythm section, dynamic guitars, passionate and driving vocals, this band will certainly prove that they are not your traditional rock band, but a modern rock music fusion that crosses over into the alternative world!

Major venues that Mindset X have entertained at include; The Webster Theater (CT), Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion (NH), Hard Rock Cafe Boston, Casino Ballroom (NH), and The Asylum (ME).

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