MindShapeFist is an original rock band from Asheville N.C. who enjoy making somethng from nothing,using percussive riffs and off kilter timing.They have a rep for High Energy Shows and Great Crowd Interaction.Mindshapefist mission is to bring fatass grooves to all people of this big ol rock.Cheers.


MindShapeFist was formed in late 2004 by founding members D.B. Rogers/Ant Brown and Fred Hensley.After a few changes in the Bass Player Dept,Josh Shook was brought on board. With the release of their of 2005 C.D. 10hrs 5min 43 sec, folks far and near were introduced to MSF's brand of heavy groove rock-n-roll.Msf has developed a reputation for high energy shows. In early 2007 they started recording their follow up C.D. with the fine folks of Echo Mtn Studios which became Handling Snakes/Speaking in Tounges(msmusic/atg productions).MSF influences included AC/DC, Led Zep,Hendrix,Muse,Clutch or anything with cool dual guitar action.


10hrs 5min 43sec.2005(MSMusic/Atg Productions)
Handling Snakes/Speaking in Tounges 2007(MSMUSIC).2009 Sexy Beast

Set List

MSF sets are 12 to 20 songs and run 45 to 90 mins. Covers may include,tool,clutch,slayer,BS,Hendrix.