Mind Spiders

Mind Spiders

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA

I don't really want to try to do this part


We've played three shows. We have two drummers, so it's really loud. If you like Brian Eno and Buddy Holly, you may like it.

Here are the members:

- Mark Ryan started this band. He was in the Reds, The Marked Men, and High Tension Wires.

- Mike Throneberry was in The Reds, The Marked Men, High Tension Wires. He is also in Stumptone.

- Daniel Fried... I can't even remember how many bands he has been in. Here's a few: Bad Sports, Wax Museums, High Tension Wires, Video

- Gregory Rutherford, also in Bad Sports, Wax Museums, High Tension Wires, Video, and Wiccans

- Stephen Svacina, also in Uptown Bums and Jump Boys


EP on Dirtnap Records