George Tait's Mind Tapped

George Tait's Mind Tapped


George Tait's Mind Tapped is a show about you. You'll read minds, memorize information at lighting speed, even become a human lie detector! Watch as George is able to control your thoughts and actions. The show is easy to absorb witty and fun. Get ready to BE Mind Tapped!


Finally, a show about you.
Get Mind Tapped! with George Tait.

Mind Tapped is a highly interactive One Man Show. George Tait reads your mind and can influence your actions. It's mentalism, mind reading, magic, and much much more.

What makes Mind Tapped unique compared to other folks that try to do similar shows? Mind Tapped is all about folks doing amazing things and not knowing how they’ve done them.

That’s right, not only will George read your mind, but you’ll do it too! Mind Tapped is easy to absorb, witty and fun! Get Mind Tapped Today!

It’s important to note that at no time will anyone be embarrassed or made fun of during Mind Tapped.

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Set List

I offer five different set lengths

90 MINUTE SPOT-This is the full One Man Performance of Mind Tapped.
45 MINUTE SPOT- This is a slightly shorter version of the full 90 minute show.