Powerful, well schooled musicianship with a powerful direction puts this band at the top of it's class! A "no frills" lineup, a four piece act with extensive experience in the art of Rock and Roll!


Mindtrapp features the strong, vibrant vocals of Frank Zaruba, the sophisticated and powerful electric guitar talent of Rick Ammann, the solid and powerful bass work of Chazz "I Am" Harding, and the steady, driving drums of the hugely talented Ron Wintersgill. Like any combination of talents, each member brings his own sources of inspiration.

Those of us who have had the pleasure of witnessing the amazing sweep of dynamic changes that guitarist Rick Ammann is capabable of taking you through...Check this band out and you will gain an insight into the diversity of their talent...You will be drawn into the powerful landscape of Rick Ammann's guitar work and see how it contrasts refreshingly with the powerful driving force that bassist Chazz Harding and Drummer Ron Wintersgill bring to the stage environment. Frank Zaruba, an amazingly talented vocalist keeps the audience on their feet, constantly keeping them on the razor's edge with his animated stage presence and vocal abilities.


All four musicians have many gigs in the studio, all being featured as sidemen throughout their career with various artists. The list is long, and their musicianship is un-precedented!

Set List

The set list is an ever changing event, from Saliva to Element Eighty, and details can be provided at anytime. Set lists can be modified at the request of the venue/party involved, and a typical set runs 45 minutes. A standard four set performance is the norm.