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Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Funk




"Mind Vice "Consumer Nation/The Profit" Single"

Mind Vice have been rocking Seattle since 2011, and on January 30 they’re going to release their new two-song single (alas, not in vinyl this time around…) and perform a live show over at the High Dive in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. I’ve been to the High Dive before – they serve margaritas with so much lime in them that you won’t have to worry about catching scurvy for the next month, and enough a kick to ensure a groggy head the following morning. In other words, they’re fantastic. So that’s two great reasons to get yourself over to the High Dive next Friday night – margaritas and Mind Vice.

“Consumer Nation” is that quasi-rarity in the rock world, a song that lets the bass get funky! Ian Sides takes full advantage to get down with his inner funk-master through the first half of the track, though he makes room for guitarist Michael Knapp to get in there and shred a few times as well. The pair sort of switch roles on “The Profit,” with the guitar coming to the forefront and drummer Miles Hubbard getting a chance to drop the hammer on the skins with some brisk, sharp beats. It’s is a more straight forward hard rocker, and I like it. A lot.

Let’s not forget the man with the voice. Walter O’Toole doesn’t try to do the raspy, shouting rock singer schtick. Because he doesn’t have to. Because the dude has a legit voice, clean and with good range. Even on the more rocking approach to “The Profit” he keeps it in control and within his pitch, which is probably a bit “higher” than normal for this kind of thing. But it works if you do it right, and O’Toole does. He reminds me more than a bit of Foreigner’s Lou Gramm, a guy I always thought had a great set of pipes.

So get on out there and support the local boys and the local watering hole! If “Consumer Nation / The Profit” is any indication, they’ll be playing a hell of a set. - Life in the Vinyl Lane

"Promote This: Mind Vice, NewRevolution, and Pukesnake"

Mind Vice, a self-proclaimed Sludgefunk band from the depths of the PNW (pictured above), is more ass-shaking than head-banging – but we’re okay with that. Though their EP Consumer Nation could have easily been one track (instead of two), the never-ending guitar solos layered with funky Flea bass-lines more than cover up the fact. If you’re looking for plenty of pseudo-corporate metaphors belted out by a man who sounds like Ronnie James Dio in a suit, Mind Vice has got you covered. – Lance Ramsay - Nada Mucho

"Mind Vice-Consumer Nation"

Another day, another Seattle. After the highly entertaining Set This Thing In Motion released at the end of 2013 and Mind Vice earlier that year. The guys from Mind Vice return. Bouncing bass lines and funky grooves are key on the new single Consumer Nation. Ballsy stuff! And they get more grungy, heavy and breaky on the B-Side The Profit. And yes, there is some social commentary, so beware of subliminal messages! - Stoner Hive

"Mind Vice S/T"

I was too young to see Jim Morrison and the Doors at the Whiskey 'A Go Go in Los Angeles. By the time I was old enough to attend concerts and could afford to do so, Morrison was dead. He died when I was fourteen years old.

The Doors had been "my" band - the one as a prepubescent boy to whom I listened to the consternation of my parents. They had heard all about Morrison's notorious sex and drugs parties, on-stage obscenity arrest, his ties to Charles Manson and were slightly offended by some of the sexual imagery and language in the lyrics. My father often voiced his disapproval.

I loved it. The raw depth of Morrison's version of "House of the Rising Sun;" the seething sexual innuendo in "Light My Fire," freedom in "Hello, I Love You" and desire in "L.A. Woman" "Love Her Madly" and "Touch Me;" the psychedelic trip produced and inducing "Waiting For The Sun" and "Peace Frog;" the ominous "Riders On The Storm." I loved all of it. Then, Jim Morrison died.

That was 42 year ago. I suppose part of me never recovered. To this day I am drawn to bands with that late 1960's/early 1970's blues rock sound fronted by a commanding and powerful voice and presence. Mind Vice fits the profile.

The band is a three piece power trio (Mike Knapp, guitar; Ian Sides, bass; and Miles Hubbard, drums) fronted by a great vocalist (Walter O'Toole). The cover of the seven track CD that found its way to my player looks like a beer label with an oval that says "Unfiltered" above a left-right centered star. Below the star are the words "Manny's PALE ALE" and "SEATTLE." However, the "anny's" in "Manny's" looks like it has been scratched out whith a black Sharpie and "ind Vice" is printed after the script "M." Additionally, the letter "M" is grafitti'd in before the word "ALE" and the letter "S" has been added after the word. Below the oval it says "darn tasty beer" but the word "beer" is stricken with a Sharpie and the word "ROCK" has been printed above it. Thus, the whole label actually reads "Unfiltered Mind Vice Pale Males Seattle Darn Tasty Rock." That "haiku" actually sums up the whole release and band.

When I listened to the album flashes of The Doors swirled in my head. It was again 1970. There are no keyboards but, oddly, that did not matter. I thought, here was a glimpse of what Jim Morrison could have been if he had lived.

Mind Vice's album connects today's blues rock, Seattle grunge and heavy metal directly to Morrison's psychedelic rock, right down to the wah-wah pedal, albeit with a lot less sexual energy and a lot more doom and gloom. I can only guess that is the true societal difference between pale males in Seattle and bronze boys in Los Angeles. The lack of sun can do that to you.

- Old School - Paper Blog

"Mind Vice-Set This Thing In Motion"

The Seattle foursome Mind Vice released their debut effort early this year and it tickled the heart, set the blood on fire and had given hope once more for something magical on the horizon. The guys now return with a follow-up four track EP called Set This Thing In Motion. On it they expand and explode their identity turning into a completely bigger animal. Sure we still here some grunge, funk, blues, stoner and hard rock amongst the four little ditties. But they have grown and are now aiming for bigger things with Zeppelin references and wicked walking and thumping bass lines. Especially on Like This, which screams for big live performances and dancing with that cute blonde in the audience hoping for more. Mind Vice has called upon tradition to bring them ever forward. And onwards they go… - Stoner Hive

"Mind Vice"

Hailing from the grunge battleground of Seattle the four guys from Mind Vice have been heralded as the next Soundgarden or a funked out slowed down Nirvana; rest assured there’s a heavy buzz surrounding these guys. And rightfully so. On their full-sized self-titled album they provide heavy blues fuel for the alternative rock minded fiends. Combining rock funk from Primus and Peppers to the wailing sounds of Cornell and some old school rock from the seventies. Smearing it all out over on sludge bordering stoner or open sounding grunge. And then for the most part; not the plastered version of the nineties but one that leans heavily on the example set by older giants and a jamband attitude. Leaving the listener experiencing heavy Jazz Hell on one occasion; slow and Weary Blues the next and above all something highly soulful and equally exciting. It tickles the heart, set the blood on fire and gives hope once more for something magical on the horizon… - Stoner Hive


Consumer Nation, 2015 (May 10th Release)
Produced by Matt Bayles

  1. Consumer Nation
  2. The Profit
Set This Thing In Motion, 2013
Produced by Conrad Uno
  1. Sunrise
  2. Wild Ride
  3. Like This!
  4. Sunset
Thunder, 2013
Produced by Conrad Uno
  1. Thunder
Pale Males, 2012
Produced by Conrad Uno
  1. Lockjaw
  2. Save It
  3. Movin'
  4. Jazzy Hell
  5. Weary Blues
  6. Sweet Bitch
  7. Nein For



Their mission is simple: to make music that inspires involuntary and uncontrollable head-banging and ass-shaking. Mind Vice strives to create a unique fusion of musical styles that they’ve dubbed “sludge-funk”...but at its heart, Mind Vice is a rock ‘n roll band. 

Some Buzz on the Sound:

"[Consumer Nation] goes all over the place from hard prog-rock feel to a classic rock presentation. Well done from the instrumentalists, particularly bass and guitar. It's rare to find a band with an amalgamation of styles pull off something like this. Soulful, powerful, and vibrant. Well done." DGrant Smith

"When I listened to the album [Pale Males] flashes of The Doors swirled in my head...I thought, here was a glimpse of what Jim Morrison could have been if he had lived."  -Ripplemusic, Paperblog.com

"Wicked walking and thumping bass lines...screams for big live performances and dancing with that cute blonde in the audience hoping for more." -Stoner Hive

“'Consumer Nation' is that quasi-rarity in the rock world, a song that lets the bass get funky...brisk, sharp beats...I like it. A lot." -Life in the Vinyl Lane

"Something highly soulful and equally exciting. It tickles the heart, set the blood on fire and gives hope once more for something magical on the horizon." -Stoner Hive

Mind Vice in 2015:

Riding the excitement of their performance at Nadamucho.com’s Durge Fest 2014 for a packed house at Seattle’s Sunset Tavern, and a successful Kickstarter campaign for their first music video, Mind Vice is starting 2015 with:

  • Jan 30 - Headlining show @ the High Dive to promote new single
  • Feb 10 - Released "Consumer Nation," produced by Matt Bayles (Minus the Bear, Mastodon, The Sword)
  • Mar 25 - Music Video Release Show @ The Crocodile Back Bar
  • Apr 26 - Hempfest Tryouts @ Cultura Events Center, Tacoma, WA
  • May 16 - KXSU Stage @ Seattle University's Quadstock Music Festival 
  • May 23 - Show @ the High Dive with Devils Hunt Me Down, After Nations, and Johndus Beckman
  • Jun 13 - 2015 Toyota Rock 'n' Roll Marathon @ Dexter & Mercer Stage (10am)
  • Jun 26 - Mind Vice & The Valley @ Substation, Seattle, WA
  • Jul 10 - Mind Vice & Fire the Animal (LA) @ Random Howse, Orcas Island, WA
  • Jul 12 - Mind Vice, Fire the Animal (LA) @ Tony V's Garage, Everett, WA
  • Jul  25 - Headliner: West Seattle Rock Party Day 2
  • Aug 1 - Orcas Island Music Festival Fundraiser
  • Aug 14 - Seattle Hempfest @2pm Peter McWilliams Stage
  • Oct 9 - Show @ Cabin Tavern, Bellingham, WA
  • Oct 10 - Private Event
  • Oct 23 - Show @ Foggy Notion, Portland, OR
  • Oct 31 - "Come As You Aren't" @ Skylark Café, Seattle, WA
  • Nov 6 -  NLS & Mind Vice @ Substation, Seattle, WA
Fans can expect Mind Vice’s signature high-energy stage presence, which according to bassist Ian Sides "bears a slight resemblance to escaped chimpanzees.” 

A Brief History:

Bassist Ian Sides, drummer Miles Hubbard, and guitarist Michael Knapp have been active as Mind Vice in Seattle since 2011. Vocalist Walter O’Toole joined in June, 2012.

  • Consumer Nation (Single) 2015 - Produced by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Minus the Bear, The Sword)
  • Set This Thing in Motion (EP) 2013 - Produced by Conrad Uno (Presidents of the United States of America, Mudhoney, The Supersuckers)
  • Thunder (Single) 2013
  • Pale Males (LP) 2012

Band Members