Miners Club

Miners Club


During a long stay in Australia Englishman Tom Baker met 3 brothers from a remote farm in South Australia after a week of recording on the farm Miners Club began,


Now here is a story. Last year, Tom Baker, packed up his high hopes in Reading and hot tailed it to Australia on a self funded tour, hoping for a blossoming and glittering adventure with his then band, Nexus Bloom. Dates were booked and promises abounded, with a giddy buzz big enough to fill the Sydney Opera House.
Then things went down under fast. Bass players absconded. Managers became a grisly parody of spoof bad managers. The money dried up and Tom was left up Wolf Creek, alone, without a paddle. For months!
Around this time our protagonist met three curious brothers, farm hands with a lost band, a promise of a studio and a free ride. Days later Tom was on their remote farm, some 700km west of Adelaide and a million miles from where he had planned to be. Fortunately, the brothers played as well as they farmed and in nine days an album was harvested.
The result is Miners Club. Imagine Mark Lanegan in the outback. The Arcade Fire huddled around a camp fire. Vocals as thick as tar, lyrics as sharp as crocodile teeth and a sound as desolate and grandiose as, well, the place they first echoed onto tape. These are grubby faced, golden age tunes, brought into the light with a dying art.


Debut album The Ghosts of Ben Avon will be released 1st June 2009

Set List

Time to Grow
Slowly Burning Down
Oh Little Me
No Cash For Sorrow
Keep on Missy Kissy
Pirates of the Battered Sea
Lite Cocaine
Streets of Light
Mad Eyes
Before the Killing Started
Our sets can last from 30 mins to 1.5 hours