Combine the rich tone of detailed string picking, dissonance and brilliance, haunted by cello, and nourished by the beats of a creative rhythm section to find a sound that resembles the transformation of a friendly conversation into a fist fight, with vocals that follow from serenade to torment


Minerva was a result of the unlikely collaboration of Jana and Jason which began in Grand Rapids, MI 7 years ago. The two were a reluctant musical pair; Jana was just out of high school and Jason was nine years older and an established musician. A mutual friend's encouragement is to be thanked for what now is Minerva. The chemistry and potential of a musical union was hinted at from the start though never was expected to survive years.
A dull music scene with no promise led Minerva to Portland, where so many great musicians have established themselves. They immediately set to work towards their first EP, Spineless. It remains much more a learning experience than a marketable product.
Despite being little fish in a city of sharks and whales Minerva continues to evolve into a beautiful revelation on the musical map. Since arriving in Portland they've added the musical talents of Lauren on cello and Becca on bass. Both are responsible for creating the manifestation of what the subconscious of Minerva's sounds has been longing for, filling a void and completing the band.
These days Minerva keeps pretty busy. The last year has been spent working on a new 9 track album (Updated Memory), an album to put ideas of past happenings to rest in order to embrace a warm future. The recording happened at the famous Jackpot! with Kendra Wright as engineer. Sean Flora mixed it into shape at his home studio.
Watch out for Minerva.


Minerva: Spineless
Updated Memory

Set List

Minerva's set typically lasts an hour, though that can be crunched or expanded depending on demand or slot time. The material is all original and is compiled of old and new songs.

All current songs in practice include:
Las Vegas
Organ Donor
Did I land?
When all this is gone...
Laundry Room