mines is a 5 piece band from minneapolis that mixes shorter pop songwriting with longer epic songs wrapped in noise. Fuzzed guitars, propulsive drumming and keyboard melodies are combined with male and female vocals. From the 60's to modern indie rock, we draw from the best of what's old and new.


John and Derek first met in 6th grade and planned to one day start a band. They began writing songs on a 4-track cassette recorder with the intention of making a go of it, but life got in the way. The tapes were put aside for a decade. One snowy, drunken evening, the tapes were dusted off and the two were inspired to finally form a band. Friends old and new were recruited and together they made mines a reality. During the spring of 2008, the members of mines started writing songs in the basement of legendary Minneapolis record store, Oarfolkjokeopus/Treehouse. That summer they were able to play their songs in venues all over the Twin Cities. After spending the rest of the year honing their sound, they brought their songs to Old Blackberry Way, where they recorded their debut album in the same famous studio used to record so many of their favorite records.
2009 saw the release of their first full-length record, Friends Anemones, along with new, higher-profile shows. Influenced by a wide range of independent music, mines continues to write and record new songs while never forgetting those dusty tapes that inspired them in the first place.


The Anarchists are Alright

Written By: mines

The Juilliard
All the Ivy League
Can not reduce
The island in the sea
Cause all we use
Has got to be unique
If I were you
The possibility of
All we ever wanted
We lost it long ago
I guess that's why we're wanted
We're not the enemy (x3)
Someday you will see
I followed you
Past the Corner Store
Our bikes abused
From riding in the snow
And I love you
No matter how it goes
In roads confused
As plastic hits the shore
And all I ever wanted
Was a house tucked in by snow
We'll take like we are wanted
We're not the enemy (x3)
Someday you will see
It's always now...

Caroline Affair

Written By: mines

You're a funny thing to start a war for
Now you're sunk deep in the current
Close your books, find a truth in swirling waters
Close your books, it's the end

Caroline, it's been ages
Caroline, you're just a story
from a past no-one remembers


LP-Friends Anemones (Self-released 2009)

"The Anarchists are Alright"
-streaming on http://www.switchbladecomb.com
-radio airplay on Radio K. http://www.radiok.org

Set List

-No Reply
-Wedding Present
-The Anarchists are Alright
-Night Falls
-Southern Vows
-Caroline Affair
Typically 40-50 minutes