Miney Mo

Miney Mo

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Groovy, raunchy, witty....Miney Mo has it all but guitars.


Miney Mo is a 3 piece from Cincinnati, Ohio.
Jamie Thorman (bass, loops, sounds) and Bart Foster (drums, cymbals, toys) have held down the low end together for over 14 years - across several acts and multiple genres including rock, jazz and funk.
Paul Wernke (song words, drama), a veritable poet and childhood friend of Jamie offers up the goods with a natural gift for reckless abandon.
Miney Mo seamlessly blends solid writing with improvisational jamming and lyrics that don't suck.


Relax, Citizen - release date 7/20/2013

Set List

Miney Mo can provide up to a two hour set of original rock and roll.