I spent the past few years songwriting full time. Locked in my room or on the piano every night until 3, 4 am was typical. I eventually found myself in the studio where Lauryn Hill, Babyface and Jeremy Camp had also recorded. These are those songs. Don't be presumptuous... Just Listen


I was given the name Ming at birth which means radiant. I have devoted the last 5 years to write songs that are just that - radiant and inspiring.

I graduated from UCLA as a computer science major. Worked in Silicon Valley for a couple of years working a great job. But it left me more and more hollow, so I left it all behind to try to find out what this passion within me was leading to..

It's led me to this...


Not This Time

Written By: Ming


So many wasted years
Of chasing after dreams not there
To be there for, to be there for you

Confused by mirrors here
Of smoke and trickery not there
To stay beside, to stay beside you

This could just be the last time
we see each other eye to eye
As time passes by,
and leaves no hostages behind

I’m not gonna let you go this time (so easily)
Before you fully know (what you mean)
And how you brought such joy into,
Joy into my life

Completely disengaged
I’ve made my share of bad mistakes
I’m learning still, learning still how

Time takes our trophies here
And turns them into missing years
To stay beside, to stay beside you

Not this Time (x3)

Bless Yourself

Written By: Ming

You are the One,
The stars they shine so brightly for
And nature brings all praises for
To bless Your name,
To bless Your name throughout
The universe

Creation joins to honor You
And our desire, is we can be a blessing too

Through our lives we give to You
Take these hands we raise to You
And Bless Yourself

You are the One,
The reason why we’re living for
And every breathe is given for
To bless Your name,
To bless Your name throughout
Throughout the earth

We give ourselves
For You to use
Whatever You decide to do
But our hope
Is for You to
To bless Yourself,
To bless Yourself

Summer Day

Written By: Ming Chou

Summer Day
Written by Ming

Looking out the window pane you still see
Thursdays a month away, you can’t breathe
Tomorrows on it’s way
You can’t let go of yesterday

Pictures of memories you still see
Times spent together now are fading
Though you’re far away
Maybe feel alone some days
You’re not alone

i'm praying for a summer day
To find your way
And clouds to melt right through
The sun and all it’s golden rays
Will bring your way
Their perfect love to you

Years have come and gone so quickly
Now you’re trapped inside
One of your dreams
Just close your eyes
Don’t give in to all their lies
You’re not alone

Hold On Too

Written By: Ming

Hold On Too
Written by Ming

When you can’t hold onto
All the waves continue
Their beating on
And there’s no end in sight

All the world’s broken loose
And your life crashes through
You’re drowning so fast
And want to give up the fight

Hold onto hope
He’s been holding onto you

There’s still hope
There’s still hope
As long as you still hold on too
(to hope)

When you won’t let yourself
Take even one more chance
You’re broken heart
Shattered too many times

You’d rather let go than
Take even one more breathe
It’s too painful to know
That you’re still alive

He will never, never ever
Let you from His hold
And when you feel like
You have nothing
Left and are all alone

There’s still hope
There’s still hope
As long as we still hold on too

To hope

King of Kings

Written By: Ming

King of kings
Written by Ming

A - lle – lu - ia
A – lle - lu
Our God’s the King
The King of kings

What grace can this be
Our Glorious King
Would take up the cross
For You and me

To touch the heart of a King
Who reigns so high
A God of such infinite power and might
Might still look upon sinner’s hearts
Such as yours, and like mine
And still love us with such delight

A - lle – lu - ia
A – lle - lu
Our God’s the King
The King of kings

Oh Sacred King
Who loves us so deep
You call us to come
How blessed are we


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