Minie Gonzalez Band

Minie Gonzalez Band


Minie's 19. She�s from Compton. She has the voice. Chris was a Rodeo Clown. He has the songs. They teamed to busk for money. Now they have one of the Southwest' s most innovative bands. Covers from Patsy Cline to Lauren Hill. Plus all those crud pie originals written by a 9-lives cowboy at 8.


**We were just invited to play a Virgin College Mega Tour date!!!*** Thanks Ben!

We've been played on XM Satellite Radio, too. Not bad for a band that's been together for less than a year.

The Minie Gonzalez Band features the bluesy, ripping 40's torch vocals of Minie, the country-swing guitar of Chris Dudley, bass and drums.

We play to the venue and the crowd. In a tiny wine bar we lay back and play easy licks, jazzy. In a smokey, small town bar we kick it up and let it rip, country swing.

Our songs evoke sweet summer days, lousy drunken nights, heartache, loss and hope. We appeal to the older set looking for meaning and the hipster looking for movement.

Minie's influenced by many. Chris Dudley is influenced by Springsteen and Prine. Together they make their own uniquely Americana sound.

Minie was born and raised in Compton, California by her single, Wirarica-Indian mother. The family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico the year Minie graduated from High School.

Chris asked her to sing backup on some of his songs. After one song he knew she was suppposed to front the band.

Chris Dudley was a half-hearted songwriter for many years. During that time he was hit, kicked or slapped by man, woman, horse, dog and bull. Finally after nearly dying in a serious rodeo accident (bullhorn gores head) Chris started taking songwriting seriously.

Today the band blends Chris' years of western hard-knock with Minie's Compton experience. Add a bass player from Albuquerque and a white-toast Pennsylvania drummer and Nothing could be more American.


Jellyfish Blues

Written By: Chris Dudley

Jellyfish Blues beat those coconut grooves sometimes
Hula ladies flow like ripples across velvet
Sweet island wine washes down Mauna Loa sunshine
And a Hilo woman’s hands can tear apart deserts
She can sift the dust from the sands
Dust from the sands
And Akemi, she dances for you

Milolii Momma sings a sweet song
She says this is where I belong
While her son pulls fish from the sea
As large as the lies of the taxman
And yet Akemi, still dances for you

Will the land drip to the sea
Will the rain wash away the dust of me
Goodbye aloha, Lehua has fallen
Drenching rain
And Akemi dances for you

I Got Drunk on Tuesday

Written By: Chris Dudley

I got drunk on Tuesday, you said you were leaving on Wednesday
I brought you wildflowers on Thursday so you stayed through Friday night.
Saturday come I got drunk once again, hell it was the weekend (hell it was the weekend).

You can have the furniture, you can have the car
You can have the 38 dollars in the mason jar (yeah, I counted it)
You can have the Chinese Dolls my Momma used to own
You can even leave me with all those rent to own loans

But I’m begging you darling, I’m begging you please
Can’t you see me honey? I’m on my knees

Bring back my guitar (bring back my guitar)
It was a 53 fender with a couple of Honky Tonk scars
I know I ain’t going nowhere but lets face it
You aint going too far

So I’m beggin you darling
Bring back my guitar (bring back my guitar)

Lightnin' Cryin'

Written By: Chris Dudley

Lightning crying, uncle Joe’s dying,
everybody’s buying sweet Adeline tea.
2+2 meaning of the sea,
took the prophet out and strung him from a tree
must mean something to you, don’t mean nothing to me

Buy a car, buy a train, buy a horse, buy a plane,
ain’t gonna get you nowhere you ain’t already been
Sorcerer flying, poor boy lying
Suckers always trying to get the best of me
Did they get the best of you? They got the best of me.

Anvil crack, step on your mother’s back
Forget about the war, you ain’t gotta go Jack
Tabulate, calculate, remonstrate, demonstrate
Rot behind iron gates
must mean something to you, don’t mean nothing to me

Lightning crying, uncle Joe’s dying,
everybody’s buying sweet Adeline tea.
2+2 meaning of the sea,
took the prophet out and strung him from a tree
must mean something to you, don’t mean nothing to me


Minie released "Yeah, Yep, Uh-huh" in 2006. Recorded in a barn, literally steps from livestock, the album is burned on demand.

Her second album, tentatively self-titled, has already been professionally recorded and currently is being mastered. It is due out in April.

Currently tracks are on several sites including (of course)
and plays on internet radio include:
sheesh, a whole bunch I can't remember all over the US, UK and Sweden.

Set List

Typically we play three-hour gigs, three 50-minute sets. We don't have a strict set list, preferring to let the feel of the evening and the ebb and flow decide what song to play. Mostly we do originals. We also play covers (incompletely listed separately at the end).

Chris Dudley (guitar, backup vocals) has well over 200 songs written.

I Got Drunk on Tuesday
Alive With Me
Jellyfish Blues
Being A Man
Black Dog
DU binge
Fire on the Mountain
Hey Boys, Look at Shorty
It Don�t Seem The Same
Lonely Left Hand Blues
Lightning Crying
Momma Said
Oh that was nice
Robby Was A Good Dog
Sally Jenkins
Shadows on the river
Sometimes I Drink
Study of Man, Primatology
Sweet Little Viking
Summer Dress
Scrapin by
Traci Jo

Trouble in Mind
I Fall to Pieces
All of Me
Killing me Softly with his song
Walking After Midnight
A Picture of You
Autumn Leaves
Folsom Prison Blues
Paradise, Kentucky -- Green River