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Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
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"Minirex play beguiling pop with recessive punk genes"

Minirex, Erik Blood, Watch It Sparkle, 1-2-1-2
(Comet) Production wiz Erik Blood is Shabazz Palaces' secret weapon in the studio (shhh, keep it on the DL), but the former member of the Turn-Ons is probably better known for his stellar songwriting in the shoegaze-rock vein. Check out his 2009 album, The Way We Live, for exemplary proof of the guitarist/vocalist's keen realizations of dense, sensual textures and melodic grace. Let's hope he has some new tunes to unveil on our unworthy ears. Seattle quintet Minirex play beguiling pop with recessive punk genes—sort of an Emerald City Go-Go's, but inflected with the Northwest's requisite overcast moods. Locals 1-2-1-2 impress with a nonchalant funkiness that's at once ominous and fun. Don't let their letterless, perfunctory name fool you. They've got a special glow and a casual, accessible strangeness about them. DAVE SEGAL - The Stranger

"Band to watch in 2011 honors go to Minirex, local lasses who bring a modern style and oodles of sass to the girl group tradition."

Tonight at the Comet, XX chromosomes are running amok. Portland’s Magick Daggers bring a steamy, female-fronted electro grind vibe. Nightshirt rock the punky New Wave thing with a fiercely femme energy. Band to watch in 2011 honors go to Minirex, local lasses who bring a modern style and oodles of sass to the girl group tradition. And if there could be such a thing as an XXX chromosome, it would have to belong to the wacko love child of Jackie Curtis and Divine, institutional Seattle institute, hostess with the mostess, “lady” of the evening, the one and only Ms. Jackie Hell. MA’CHELL DUMA LAVASSAR - Seattle Weekly

"From the ashes of the Buttersprites comes... MiniRex"

Local Seattle-based, punk-pop, all-girl, half-Asian, awesomely-costumed band the Buttersprites have been on extended hiatus. But fans of the band's lo-fi sound and snazzy outfits need not despair -- we've just gotten news of a new side project featuring Buttersprites Jen Gay (drums), Julie Grant (keys), and Lunarre Omura (bass), as well as "go-go gorgeous" Cathy Le (guitar) and Seattle singer-songwriter Amzeah Smith (vox).

The new band is called MiniRex and if the two tracks on their MySpace page ("Judy" and "Stalker") are any indication, fans of the Ramones and the Jetsons may get giddy for the band's minimalist, sassy punk stylings.

Of course, if the photos are any indication -- and based on their past history, we know they are -- MiniRex is a band to check out live. Lucky you, they've got a couple of shows coming up:

* April 28 at the High Dive
* May 10 at MIX (Christoff Gallery) in Georgetown

You heard it here first, kiddos... - Three Imaginary Girls


Self-released six song EP "Introducing MiniRex"
14-song self-titled album, "Minirex"



Minirex, a quintet that offers a fresh new twist on the 60s girl group concept, is happy to announce the release of their debut album, “Minirex.” The music blends the edgy rock & roll style of the Runaways with the sweet and soulful 60’s girl group traditions of the Shangri Las.

The album was recorded and produced by Erik Blood (Shabazz Palaces, Tea Cozies) and Mastered by Kramer (Bongwater, Galaxie 500).

Buttersprites members Jen Gay (drums), Julie Grant (keys), and Lunarre Omura (bass) join forces with local singer songwriter Amzeah Smith (vox, guitar) and Liz Gay (guitar) to form MiniRex. Street-wise and vengeful girl rockers, these pop-punkers from Seattle aren’t afraid to turn it up!

Olympia-born Smith is also a solo acoustic artist.

Liz & Jen Gay, sisters originally from Rhode Island, were French pop DJ's for two years, and currently play in Seattle noise-rock band Kaliningrad.

Oakland-born Grant grew up in Everett, WA and has played keys for Buttersprites since 2003.

Omura originally from Oahu landed in Seattle back in 1999 and joined Buttersprites in 2003. She was a member of local progressive cocktail band Lushy from 2004 thru 2006.

The Buttersprites song “Cherry Blossom” was used in the ABC TV drama, “Flash Forward.”