BandHip Hop

Christian rap that brings a heavy message, unlike anything the world has heard. Solid lyrics and rhyme schemes, with a message that come directly from the word of God


I preach the Gospel, and rap His praises. I was ordained to the ministry in 07, so the name Minista stuck and fit quite well (I'm actually known and referred to as Minister C.J.). I'm a college student at UAH in Alabama. I've done a little traveling preachin and currently serve as leader of college & young adults ministry of my church.


I just finished my first album- Dis My Testimony. The main tracks on there are "Lookin Back", "Commitment", and "Who You Worship (Jesus). I recorded all the songs on my computer at home. I'm really excited about it! I believe the Lord is gonna use it to open up some doors for me to do what He's called me to do on a greater level... preaching and rapping are a perfect combination!!!

Set List

Rest in the Lord (Psalm 37)
Lookin Back
Give Him Ya Mind
Who You Worship