Minista AFC

Minista AFC

 Morgan Hill, California, USA
BandHip Hop

My music is just straight up Christian/Gospel. What I'm all about is just spreading the good word of Jesus Christ and getting people saved by his love and his word. I've been a Christian my whole life but gave my life to Christ when I was 9 after my grandmother died; she was a hardcore Christian.


I'm a Christian Hip Hop MC, coming straight out of Morgan Hill, CA. I have been rapping since around the age of 9, rapping at churches and events. I have been around music my whole life, from hip hop to jazz to country to every single genre out there. My grandmother was always worshiping around the house all day everyday, I credit my grandmother for being my biggest influence to become a Christian MC, apart from having influences such as, T-Bone, Slick Rick, Bushwick Bill, Scribbling Idiots, tobyMac and many more. Ever since my grandmother’s death, I have dedicated my whole career to her, I started rapping ever since my grandmother passed away when I was just 9 years old.


My hit single I would have to say is my song "Tru Stor-E", which features one of my best friends, Scrubby.

Set List

My typical set list is just about 3-5 songs each. And my sets are about half an hour long or more.