Minista Rap

Minista Rap

 Jacksonville, Florida, USA
SoloHip Hop

I call my music Hope-Hop music. The environment of bringing hope to hip-hop. I elavate the message of Jesus the Christ through positive lyrics, positve living, and a total and absolute lifestyle change.


Marcullus Lewis B.K.A Minista Rap

Marcullus L. Lewis born July 12, 1969 in Flint, Michigan now residing in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife Rhondala and children. He has been writing, rapping and producing hip-hop music since 1983. Music has been a very intricate part of his life. Growing up at a time when hip-hop music was beginning to take off and flourish was exciting to him. Hip-hop was fresh, it was new, it was bold, it was what he wanted to do with his life. He was raised in the church from a child but at age 17 he went his own way. He begin to live a dysfunctional lifestyle filled with crime and, drugs that almost led to him being locked up for 1 year to life in prison.

By the grace of God in the year 2000 he entered back into the Lords rest living whole hearted for him since that day. Although he has not always glorified God with his talent he is truly grateful for a second chance to make a difference in the world. He has been blessed to come on the scene and take music by storm with a unique style and sound that many people have grown to love. Recognizing that he could do something positive with his musical gift he has chosen to be effective in bringing about change in the community, (building it up instead of tearing it down).

His lyrics are directed towards the young and old alike addressing everyday issues that affect our lives in a negative way. As God has chosen him to be a mouthpiece for him in this day and age he has vowed to stay committed to the mission to let the world know that there is a better way, an alternate way, the true way (JESUS, THE CHRIST). He has traveled evangelically with Christlike Flavor Ministries using creative evangelism to promote positive lyrics. He has ministered at various clubs and churches and outreach events throughout Jacksonville and surrounding cities and states in the southeast region.

Murray hill theatre Jacksonville, Fl, Last wave Christian club in Orlando, Fl, flavor fest in Tampa, Fl with (crucified saints) two life changing outreach events with Evangel Temple in Chicago (2003 & 05) and New York (2004) and now Cleveland, Oh (2006) back to school rally in Gainesville, fl Greensboro revolution arena league post game show. Just to name a few. He was co-host of Godě°˝€™s underground Hip-Hop radio show on 1530 AM w.o.b.s along side Crucified saints. God has now blessed him to be the owner and President of Godlife Records here in Jacksonville, Fl. He has formed a covenant with other Rappers, musicians and, Pastors to oversee that Godě°˝€™s word through hip hop music is not tainted, diluted or compromised in his life and the lives of those he affect


current releases:
Minista Rap- HOPE HOP/the Album
Silas of Manifested T.H.U.G.S
Please Don't Let me go EP
Past releases
The New Covenant Compilation Vol 1/ Various 2003
The New covenant compilation Vol 2 / various 2004
Upcoming Releases:
My brothers Keepers--Lp 2004-2005
The Hope-Hop Evironment 2006

Set List

my set can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, more if needed. In my usual set i will perform three songs. I have two full albums worth of music so i can acommodate just about any time frame.
My set list.
2.who ready
3.Kingdom business.