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Minister Andre'

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Ambitious, gifted, serious and dedicated are just a few words to describe this: Performer, Speaker, Teacher and Minister of the Word of God.

Minister AnDrè is a gifted, anointed multi-talented individual who plans to spread the Gospel across the world, by all means necessary. His mission is to work hard to fulfill the ministry, to be a positive role model, reach the lost and teach others whatsoever Jesus’ ministry taught us.

After eight years in secular music industry, with many up and down. In 2003, Minister AnDre’ decided to give his life to Christ. From secular hip-hop to holy hip-hop, into bring the street to the church. “By Winning Soul to Christ all day and all night.”

Growing up in a small community outside Little Rock, Arkansas. In the past, Minister AnDrè was always able to entertain his family and friends. Now that he came to the light. That light was Jesus Christ our Lord. Minister AnDre’ has a different look at life. He prays that Christ to lead him into helping other see the light. “I have been running so long. You can’t survive without Christ in your life. You will fall down. Let Christ be the pilot and you be the passenger. You will get tired of running. So I give up on what I what to do and began to do what he wanted me to do. That Spread the Gospel worldwide.” Minister AnDre’ plan to release his first gospel LP project called “Winning Soul to Christ” coming in the Summer 2006.

Minister AnDre’ is the Founder of Walk By Faith International Ministries in Lithonia, Georgia and CEO of Switch-E Gospel. He is currently living in Lithonia, Georgia and married with four children.

Minister Andre’ is available for Speaking or/and Performing: Concerts, Camps, School Assembly, Youth Groups, Festivals, Prison/Detention Centers, Workshops/Seminars and more.

Coming Soon "Winning Soul to Christ" Crusade
For more information call (678) 528 – 9550
Andre’ L. White, Sr.


1995 - SMB SINGLE (Executive Producer)
1997 - Bouncy Ep (Executive Producer)
1999 - "Mr. Dre' Presents the Switchefamily Vol. 1" Lp (Artist/Executive Producer)
2001 Bouncy "Jus A Drop In Tha Rain Lp Album (Executive Producer)

Set List

15 to 30 minutes Show