Minister bryan l. oakley

Minister bryan l. oakley


Bryan L. Oakley has one mission and that's to help bridge ALL gaps between mankind and God through musik and entertainment! Won't you help him succeed...


Bryan L. Oakley grew up in the traditional Church, hailing from Pennsyivania in a working-class suburb of Pittsburgh. After a brief secular career as a rap/singer, Bryan L. Oakley accepted and began studying for his call to the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He received his license to minister the gospel in 1997. Minister oakley's signature baritone/tenor is accompanied with lyrical freestyle rap capability making for a listening experience that can only be attributed to his musik. He is one of the only licensed ministers of the gospel that openly endeavors in r&b, rap, and hiphop to make the Cherubim Musik Group's signature sound, Rhythm & Praise or R&P! The eclectic mixture of influences on this brand of gospel musik are evident, from jazz and r&b to boom bap old skool rap and choral musik. Minister oakley brings the noise for Christ and for the world to enjoy!


spoken word from Nothin' Can Save Ya

Written By: Bryan L. Oakley

Hah just as i intended/somewhat kinda splendid plus it's highly recommended/if the sinner gets offended/sentence won't be suspended/which means it came out exactly how the preacher meant it/got ya screamin' falsetto like that artist prince did/it's time for/real rhymes don't wanna hear that false stuff no more/how you still lyricatin' at 44/x box, genesis, playstation 4?/all that mess you're kickin' yo is just a bore/cause Christians supposed to love and give to the poor/and you more/broke now that you got your new bentley azure/hard to the core but your core's not pure/holdin' down your block but your block's not secure/remember grilled cheese sandwiches no cheese in them/hot pepper sandwiches with no meat in them/ when corduroy used to take the place of linen/when bboys didn't have the dough for the denim/kept a youngster on his best behavior but now/nothin' can save ya

BMI oakley publishing for CMG 2008

Keep Your Head To The Sky

Written By: Bryan L. Oakley

Chorus: No hole is too deep no mountain too high keep your head to the sky/no weapon formed against me shall prosper (2x) and every tongue that speaks against me shall be condemned yeah

V1: Get it in your spirit that everything you're going through is working for you/the Lord adores you/count it all joy every man, girl, and boy/if that's what you do you'll get everything you need
Bridge: It doesn't matter how many battles you may fight/rest assured Believer/everything's alright/no matter the nos you get no end is in your sight/rest assured that it's yes and amen in Jesus christ

V2: Now everywhere you turn there's a lesson to be learned/it's getting nasty, not how it has to be/let them dig that hole it's not for you it's for them so/they think they're crafty/but look who's smiling in the end yeah yeah

BMI oakley publishing for CMG 2008

No Not One

Written By: Bryan L. Oakley

V1: I want ya'll to meet my Friend/you can call Him Jesus/i met Him not long ago, we've become so close/there is not a greater love, anytime i call/He is always standing there with the greatest love of all
Chorus: There is not a Friend like the lowly Jesus/No No No not One, No No No not One (2x)

V2: When i was rejected by man/He could understand/cause You were rejected by your own so alone so alone/and no brother could smother me like the love of Jesus/no no no no not One

Spoken Word: Friends amigos feel me/noe how many of us have them/can call them bother them in the middle of the night like we can do my Jesus/make a man wanna graze his knees/from praisin' the Master cause He keeps me pleased/even with no cheese/still find me raisin' my hands, dappin' my Mans, constantly erasin' my plans, changin' it man/cause the Grand Man on the grandstand spoke it so a mere mortal could quote it just before we all floated/there's not a Friend, there's not a Friend


BMI oakley publishing for CMG 2008


preacha man (2002), AppleItunes
Psalms of Solomon: You're Already Rich(2008),
Eternally Christmas (2008)

Set List

Twenty to Thirty minute Set (5-8 songs): CD format or with live rehearsed band
Come Unto Me, Rapture, It's A Ministry Baby, Because He Loves Me, Old Rugged Cross (Remake), No Not One (Remake), Nothin' Can Save Ya, Saved