Minister Real Deal Brady Hill
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Minister Real Deal Brady Hill

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Band Hip Hop Gospel


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"Rocking the House at the Soul Cafe` III"

I want the world to know that they need to get ready for the awesome talents of the Real Deal Brady Hill. I am a member of the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation and can say that when the Real Deal Brady Hill “rocked the microphone” at our Annual Soul Café, people took noticed. I heard comments from the crowd that he was the best performer on the line-up and he was able to bring a message of inspiration through the vehicle of rap to an audience with varied religious beliefs and practices. While many needed to adjust their seats after hearing “God’s Gonna Get ‘Ya” the element of surprise and bold lyric was sure to stay on the mind of the audience as they pondered “perhaps there is more accountability to my decisions in life?” Brady Hill has a unique knack to make you party and think at the same time. The Soul Café was the more successful because of his participation.

It’s also a blessing to know the magnitude of Brady Hill’s ministry from watching it first hand as a fellow artist. I’m a member of the award winning Spirit Filled Music Ministry and have seen crowds of all races, classes and geography moved by his hit-proven beats and catchy lyrics. The Real Deal Brady Hill is wise and creative enough to play on popular music and raps so that you find yourself “jammin’” from the beat alone. Combined with twisting the lyrics to a righteous message and actually name dropping those who command attention, Real Deal Brady Hill is conveying the message of love and salvation from God to a world in need. He’s lived on both sides of the track of positive and negative, and through his experiences serves as a witness that living for God is the only ticket out of despair and assurance for happiness regardless of situations.

I fully recommend that any and everyone who wants to move a better way of life—listen to the testimony and message of The Real Deal Brady Hill. Let him be a Bible for you to check out. Or if you simply want to get your-groove-on without hearing a lot of profanity or wear-you-down lyrics of a hard-knock-life---The Real Deal Brady Hills’ CD is a refreshing alternative.

The Truth!

Sheila Beasley

- Pittsburgh Black Media Federation/ Spirit Filled Ministries

"Have You Thought About Heaven Lately?"

Have you thought about heaven lately? I mean have you actually thought about the celebrations that will take place? Have you thought about the ones that you will see there? I imagine it to be a time of rejoicing, worshipping and having just a grand time celebrating with a uniquely unified group. I see happy faces and joyous hearts. Can you just imagine for a moment, just how wonderful it will be. I have heard it being referred to as a Holy Ghost filled party and the comments of “ what a time, what a time, what a mighty fine time.” Mmmm, heaven a place like no other, a celebration like no other, a time to be glad and a time to be had!!!
Recently, I experienced such a time. No, I didn’t pass over to the next life but I enjoyed such a time of worship and true praise. My local church here in Virginia had the awesome pleasure of fellowshipping with the Hill family. We were truly blessed by Brady Hill. Brady cut his family vacation short and traveled to a very small church on a back road in the middle of nowhere to take part in our annual Back to School Jam for Jesus. We can’t thank Brady Hill enough for making this the most successful event that we have ever had. We thank God for Brady and for the ministry that he partakes in. I feel as if I keep the truth about Brady and his works to myself, I am doing God a great injustice. Brady Hill is a true man of God and his description of being the “real deal”, fits him perfectly.
Brady Hill is a very talented individual and he loves the Lord. He stopped by our church and shared his testimony, song and scriptures with our church. Brady Hill is a gospel rapper and I know that when the average person hears the term “gospel rapper” they think “ oh, no not another one of them”, believe me, Brady Hill will not be placed in that category. Brady’s style is like no other. For those who despise rap music, you will love Brady’s style. As I looked around my church and saw kids from age 3 and up enjoying his music, my heart rejoiced. As I looked over to one of our senior citizens and saw how she was enjoying the music and the message, I knew that Brady’s style was not just for the youth. He uses songs that all of the teens know and he replaces those lyrics with uplifting spiritual ones. He has a powerful testimony and is sharing it wherever he goes. People in my church that had dealt with some of the same issues that he had faced and some that are still facing them, their hearts were delighted by knowing someone else went through and made it. Brady Hill gives you 100% and then some when he appears and the seeds that are planted when he is there is like one of the most remarkable experiences that you will ever witness. From personal experience, I know that we can often speak to our youth and adults over and over and still wonder, what is it going to take for them to understand the importance of God. It takes someone to get on their level, it takes someone to relate to their very being, it takes someone to keep it real with them and it takes someone that can reach them through a form that they know and enjoy. Brady’s music ministry, life experiences, love for the Lord and personality is what it took for so many of those that gathered that day to get a real understanding of what they have been hearing of years. In all honesty, I know that some people that heard that he was coming to our church felt a little leery but I know that when he left it was like a family member had just visited. Brady ministers truth to not only our youth but adults as well. As our students return to school, I feel blessed to know that they are going back armed with the word. Through his ministry, the students that attended this event know that they will face certain evils as they journey on, but I feel as if they are better equipped now that they have heard a message that they can understand. We truly thank God for Brady Hill! - Sister Sue Holiday of White Oak Run Baptist Church


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Minister Brady L. Hill Sr. is an anointed force to be reckoned with. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, he was introduced to the Lord at a very young age. Although God had a plan for his life, he fell to drugs and alcohol. After over 20 years of active addiction, jails and institutions, Brady got up and found his way back home to Christ. This gives credibility to Proverbs 22:6 – Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. He now enjoys life with his beautiful wife Virginia, of 16years and his four children: Brandy-16, Brady Jr.-15, Bradley-13 and Brana.. (Bra-nay)-12. He is currently a Licensed Minister in the Church of God in Christ. Look at God! He is a graduate of Point Park University, earning his B.S. in Business Management, with future plans to obtain his Masters of Divinity in Ministry. Minister Brady had served as the drummer for the Pittsburgh based gospel group Worship and the Instruments of Praise, under the direction of Patrick Polk and Charles Rowe, for seven years. In this position, he traveled to a number of different cities and as far as Shanghai, China to minister the gospel in music. After answering God’s calling to individual ministry, Min. Brady wanted to be used as a tool for the young and the young at heart in a way that they can exclusively understand that Jesus is real – and He is not limited to a certain genre of music! Since then Minister Brady has gone on to minister throughout the tri-state and surrounding areas (VA, CT, NV, OH, NC, TX and FL to name a few) preaching, teaching and ministering the Word of God through the tool of Hip Hop. After listening and studying other Hip Hop artists, gospel and secular, he chose the name “Real Deal” Brady Hill. He feels that if it doesn’t promote Jesus Christ, it’s not the real deal. Don’t let his rap ministry fool you though. “Real Deal” is very thorough in his knowledge of the Word of God. He is saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost and “outside of that,” he says, “I really don’t need a title!” “I already operate under the Great Commission and that’s the greatest title ever!” Currently the Youth Director at the Whole Truth Ministry COGIC and a member at Mount Ararat Baptist Church, “Real Deal’s” style of Gospel Hip Hop is unique in that it stems from the Word of God. His primary focus is on music, in particular the lyrics, that the enemy is currently using to destroy the listener and the world considers acceptable right now, by taking them and putting a Holy twist on it. It is refreshing because you can actually hear what the brother is saying. He even incorporates hymns that our Mothers and Elders, which are his main supporters, have built their musical foundation on so all age groups can participate in this God given ministry. His goal is to plant the seed, another will water it and then God will give the increase. In a world filled with more violence, drugs, alcohol and just plain old sin than ever before, “Real Deal” brings a new school approach to an old school problem: Sin is Sin until you let Jesus Christ in… [WARNING - THIS IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT, THIS IS MINISTRY!]