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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | MAJOR

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | MAJOR
Band Christian Gospel


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"Exclusive interview with Ministree"

As you are flipping channels, you hear a familiar jingle. You turn back to the Word Network, and the tune brings a smile to your face. But who is that group? It's none other than the 2007 winners of Gospel Explosion, Ministree! This group, with its unique style, has shared the stage with some of the greatest names in the gospel industry and continues to earn high accolades, including being named 2008 first and second round Stellar Award nominees. Ministree group members Cheryl, Joyce, Tyonna, Freda, and Zanetta are coming straight out of Pittsburgh, PA to give us the Hot 10 exclusive on how they got their start, the secret of their success, and their hot new projects.

It all started in the living room of their parents in Pittsburgh, PA. Inspired by their musical family, sisters Cheryl, Joyce, Zanetta, lifelong family friend, Freda, and Cheryl's daughter Tyonna, emerged as Ministree. They have been operating in that group name for fifteen years since realizing, "that the gifts that we have been blessed with really have nothing to do with us, it's all about HIS MINISTREE."

During a trip to the Stellar Awards, someone took notice of Ministree and gave them an opportunity to record jingles for radio stations. Their music has continued to evolve, which they say is a result them taking every opportunity to minister to people, proclaim the gospel, and worship God.

Of course, the group admits it hasn't always been easy. "One of our biggest challenges is that we live in a city that is not known for Gospel music. Pittsburgh is full of secret weapons that are waiting for someone to take notice." Now that we have, Ministree is definitely making its mark. The group has shared the stage with many gospel greats, and revealed to us some of their most exciting moments: "We have been given several extraordinary opportunities in the industry. Singing for Legendary Gospel Singer Andre Crouches appreciation was definitely a highlight that has stuck with us. He is a living legend and has been an inspiration to us for years! We were also recently offered the opportunity sing background for Lisa Page-Brooks when she came to Pittsburgh for her recent release concert. We had a great time with her. We also are eternally grateful for the doors that have been opened for us through Ambassador Bobby Jones. He has been a great supporter of Ministree and we are so thankful."

The ladies of Ministree are not only singers, they're pastors, preachers and teachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ who write and record some of their own music. They are often dubbed "unique", but what makes them so different? The ladies explained, "We don't really fit into any specific genre, we are just concerned about the message."

Their message resonates on their current project, "Predestined," which is in stores now. Their favorite track on the album: "Destination Anywhere" because "it talks about the fact that we are willing to go wherever God leads us. It is the story of our walk with Him. It has a great message as well as a great beat to crank up in your car."

What does the future hold for Ministree? They will be spending a lot of time promoting "Predestined," as well as launching their own recording label, M5 Gospel.

The ladies want you to know, "We are determined to follow God's direction. We are looking forward to the opportunity to enter into full-time ministry. We want reader's to know that we are women who love the Lord with all of our heart. He truly is the center of our lives. We are determined to be God led in and outside of the Industry. We want to be examples of those that live the Message not just singers of the Message."
- Hot 10 Magazine

"Gospel Group Ministree Recieves 3 Stellar Award Nominations!"

receives "3" nominations on the
STELLAR awards first and second round ballot Congratulations on your "3" nominations from

Andre Montell CEO AMIR Records and all the staff at Thompkins Marketing LLC

Category # 5 Group/Duo Of The Year

Category # 6 New Artist Of The Year

Category # 10 Contemporary Group/Duo Of The Year

- The Urban Music Scene.Com

"Contributed by Vernita R. Naylor, Jabez Entertainment Group (JEG"

Remember the songs "Is My Living In Vain?" and "You Bought The Sunshine?" These songs were trademarks for the Clark Sisters because when they sung they sang with harmony, flawless arrangements, and their lyrics always had a "strong" message. Well we would like to introduce another group of talented women, Ministree with their latest CD His Ministree.

These talented women from Pittsburg, PA - Pastor Freda Clemons, Tonya Gilbert, Evangelist Cheryl Jones-Ross, Joyce Wilson and Zanetta Wingfield - are awesome combining traditional messages with eclectic musical arrangements. Their style and harmony gels with their opening song "Undercover Christian" whose message is "Undercover Christian who do you think you're fooling? You heard enough of the word to know that you're heading for destruction." We all know of Christians who wear various masks and serving two masters (God and Satan) but they continue to live and profess Christianity. This song has a strong message that we need to keep close to heart and be conscience of every minute of the day.

Their title cut "His Ministree" escalates to an uptempo yet traditional style with a message of reminding us "that the Spirit of the Lord is on us and the Lord has anointed us for his ministry to preach the gospel to the world the good news to bind up the broken heart and set the captives free." This is all of our calling. We are here to serve and minister to the lost.

"Fullness of Joy" has a message of being in the Lord's presence. This beautiful empowering praise and worship song makes you fall on your knees, lift your hands and bask in HIS presence. This song is ideal for any church service, Christian workshop, or Christian conference to usher in God's presence and set the tone for ministry.

If these talented group of ladies continue to let God use them as they move forward they too can set a standard of excellence with harmony, flawless arrangements and lyrics with a strong message as The Clark Sisters had done in the past.

Contributed by Vernita R. Naylor, Jabez Entertainment Group (JEG). JEG is a multi-faceted multicultural entertainment company representing customers in all segments of the entertainment, music and non-entertainment industry including but no limited to public relations, marketing, promotion, talent buying, online content, multimedia design and development, radio and retail servicing, consultation, film and video production, event planning, imaging, speaking engagements and guest appearances. For more information visit or call 1-800-865-0701

"Gospel recording artist, Ministree to release CD"

Gospel recording artist, Ministree to release CD, "His Ministree", August 5th 2006 with an elaborate celebration in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Gospel Recording Artist Ministree, will release their much anticipated CD, "His Ministree" on the NPower Records Label August 5th in Pittsburgh Pa. This event will be hosted by NPower Records at the Radisson Hotel/Expo Mart in Pittsburgh, Pa. beginning at 6:00 p.m. Ticket price $20.00 and $40.00 for VIP tickets.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 4, 2006 -- Gospel Recording Artist, Ministree from Pittsburgh, Pa., will be releasing their much anticipated CD, "His Ministree" at the WomenNpower National Conference to be held in Pittsburgh, Pa., August 4-5th.

The WomenNpower National Conference will be sponsoring the CD Release and label launch of it's new record label, NPower Records and newly signed artist Ministree at an elaborate celebration to be held at the Radisson Hotel/Expo Mart, August 4th beginning at 6:00 p.m. and followed by a VIP Reception at Dowe's on Ninth Street in Downtown Pittsburgh. This will be the closing ceremony of WomennPower's National Convention and the opening celebrations for Npower Records and Entertainment, a division of WomenNpower International.

The event will feature gospel recording artists, dance and mime groups from all over the country, along with music industry executives and VIPs and will be closed by a major national recording act.

Tickets for this event can be purchased at the WomenNpower Website by clicking on the Npower Link, through, Dorsey's records in Pittsburgh and any WomenNpower officer, country-wide.


"His Ministree CD Review"

This month we take you to Bridgeville, Pennsylvania and introduce to some and present to others Ministree. Their 2006 recording, which is the subject of this review, is titled His Ministree. This CD was released in December 2006 by NPower Records and Entertainment Company. It is the group's freshman recording and it It is beginning to receive the attention it rightfully deserves.

The CD is a mixture of quartet and contemporary styles of gospel music. Once you listen to the entire CD, we think you will agree that the CD tilts heavy toward the gospel quartet genre. That should not be a surprise once you realize that Ray Braswell, Jr. was the primary producer.

For those that may not be familiar with Ray Braswell, take a moment to familiarize yourself with this extraordinary musician and producer. Many have relied upon the talents of Ray. For instance, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson and The Spiritual Voices, Damon Little, The Jackson Sisters, and The Pilgrim Jubilees. The number of recordings to which Ray has contributed his talents are too numerous to mention in this review. It is safe to say, however, that he has once again aided in the delivery of a very good CD.

Of course he had great singers to work with. The members of Ministree are Freda Clemons, Tonya Gilbert, Sheryl Jones-Ross, Joyce Wilson and Zanetta Wingfield. They have been ministering together for about twenty (20) years. This fact is reflected in the ease in which the group moves from ballads to mid-tempo to up-beat songs. The group has the personnel to sing whatever they desire.

As you listen to this CD you will readily realize that these ladies have taken the best from gospel quartet groups (male and female) of the past, and many of today's leading gospel singers and merge them to deliver a fresh and unique style of their own. There is even a little rapping on one of the songs.

There are no hard hitting drive songs on this project. There are thirteen (13) songs that will minister to you. All the songs were written by members of the group, except for "Caught Up" and "For Our Salvation," which were written by Anthony WIngfield. It is apparent from the song selections and the arrangement to each that these ladies were not interested in just singing. They wanted to minister to you. As reflected in their name (Ministree) they sing to minister. They sing to minister is His name. And they do just that with this CD.

It would not do justice to these ladies exceptional talents to say that the sound like this group or that group. No, they have a very unique sound all of their own. Listen closely to "Undercover Christian." There are numerous songs on this CD that are worthy of special mention. The title track "His Ministree" tells you why these ladies sing. This song is a testimony that many should be able to sing. No matter what God has called you to do, this song could be your testimony. What a powerful song. "He is Mighty" is another awesome song. There is certainly a message for everyone in this song. And, the message is delivered with such ease that you want to embrace every word that being sung. Another song that you will want to take note of is "You Are Worthy." This song may very well become a favorite of choirs around the country.

It should be noted that the instrumentation on all of the tracks compliments the singers exceptionally well. The lead singers and the background singers are definitely in sync throughout the project. The background harmony is exceptional.

For the diehard quartet fan, give this CD a chance. Once you listen to the songs and the strong message delivered by each, we think you would agree that this is a good CD. As much as the ladies may be considered by some to have a contemporary style, we would disagree and suggest that if you listen closely to this CD you will recognize the heavy influence that Gospel Quartet music has had on this group. From some of the runs, to the exchange between the lead and background singers, to some of the arrangements, to the strong bass guitar, there is no doubt that gospel quartet has influenced this group's music.

Not only is this a good CD, it deserves to be in your collection. You should be able to find this CD in your local record store or at any of the major online retailers. We give Ministree's His Ministree an 8.5 out of 10.


For those who love the traditional sound with a contemporary edge from a woman's point of view, in comes Ministree.

This quintet releases His Ministree, a song collection in the traditional and contemporary vein, with a small hint of urban. Ray Brasewell serves as the album's primary producer with help from Anthony Wingfield, Steven McCaster, Aaron Gipson and Ministree themselves.

The ladies challenge with such songs like "Undercover Christian", a down-home ditty exposing the ills of those Christians who have hidden agendas when displaying their faith. Things get a little funky with "Frontline", as Gipson and Wingfield share programming and synth duties.

Upbeat praise songs like "Love The Way You Love Me" and "Oh Clap Your Hand" show an obvious Witness influence.

Ministree shines the brightest on their slower numbers. "Fullness of Joy" is a lovely ballad with references from several different verses of the Psalms. The title track is an easy listening gem with Ministree's harmonies blending nicely.

"For You Are Worthy" is a standout worship song that stands out. Despite its simplistic musical arrangement, the vocals and words bring the message out in a very nice manner.

With a bit of a throwback sound, Ministree has a sound that will touch lives with a sincerity that is both felt and appreciated. - DWAYNE LACY

"Newsome Awards on Ministree"

I would liken you guys to Virtue. You have a nice flavor of arrangements on your voices. It seems several of you could be lead singers, which is a great
asset for a gospel group. The ability to write your own lyrics is a plus. You couple all those I deals
and thoughts together, you could go a long ways.

Pastor Fred Newsome


"His Ministree" 2008
By The Grace Of God (single release) 2011
"Destiny" 2011



2008 Stellar Award Nominees and 2011 Rhythm of Gospel Traditional/Contemporary Group/Duo of the Year.

Ministree, is a unique group with a style all of their own. It is this uniqueness, along with unwaivering faith that has given them a "surprisingly" new sound in the gospel music industry and has caused them to beat the odds and begin a long awaited "rise" in this same industry that they have ministered in for nearly 20 years. Over these years, Ministree's members Tyonna Singleton, Cheryl Jones-Ross, Joyce Wilson and Zanetta Wingfield, have shared the stage with some of the greatest names in the gospel industry.

Highlights include:
2008 Stellar Awards Nominees
2011 Rhythm of Gospel Nominees
BET Bobby Jones Gospel
Appearances on "THE WORD"Network
Dr. Bobby Jones Retreat
Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, Las Vegas
Singsation Gospel Chicago
Cornerstone Television
Sky Angel Network
Winner Gospel Explosion 2008
R&R Gospel Charts
National and International Radio Airplay, His Ministree
Opened for Fred Hammond
Opened for Kurt Carr
Opened for Lisa Page Brooks
Opened for Maurette Brown Clark
Sang background for Lisa Page Brooks

Major Cities performed in:
New Orleans
Columbia S.C.
Fort Lauderdale
Las Vegas
Washington, D.C.
Altanta......and more