Mink Throat Featurette

Mink Throat Featurette

 Irvine, California, USA
DuoRockDark Wave

A bedroom pop project comes to life with hints of shoegaze, electro, noise and lofi-kitch. Voice, Synth and Guitar combine with drum/instrumental samples and are reflected through the foggy mirror of 21st century post-genre bliss.


Currently based in Los Angeles, Nate Munski has been making music as Mink Throat Featurette for 4 years. As a student of symphonic brass music, NM found existential balance in the DIY ethics of lo-fi pop and indie musicians. The music reflects an eclectic sphere of influence. Noise and clarity, minimalist maximalism, everything and nothing.


Bite the Flower- 2010
You Can Handle More- 2011
Treatise Fashion-2012

Set List

~40 min