Minnesota Famous Names

Minnesota Famous Names

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The New Wave of Minnesota Underground Hip Hop. The different genres of hip hop that MN provides all combined into ONE affliated Movement!. Has future Mainstream potential also with straight unknowns. As the Famous Names promoter all I can say is that this is one set u don't want to miss.


The reason i started up Minnesota Famous Names was to put a whole tour prespective on the diversity that Minnesota Hip Hop presents. From Gangsta to Laid Back flow.. All sub genres of rap/hiphop/rnb are shown. Diffent shows yield different groups of hip hop artists because MFN is out to help out all artists in hip hop that have drive and expecting to be known either underground or mainstream. We at MFN strongly support all aspects and reasonings of all affliated artists so long as their main goal is for the love of the music. All artists claimed and endorsed by MFN have been examined through many different areas of overall aspects. Please check out www.myspace.com/minnesotafamousnames and look through the blogs and/or pics for more info on how to link to present profiled and past profiled artists also feel free to look in the friend list for more affliates.


Right now MFN has no release albums but am currently working on a Collaboration effort brought together by .:soMEboDy:..

Various artists affliated have such discography. Look on myspace pages for more info.

Set List

Usually i book 4-6 random artists that i think may mesh well together. I ask for about a 2-3 hour set with each artist doing 4-8 tracks each. For certain venues these numbers may vary and are always negotiable.