Minnie Wood

Minnie Wood


Showdown rockchick vocals vs. melancholic pop



Singer / Songwriter
Melbourne, Australia

Combining her vast experience in the Australian music industry with a lifetime of musical & political influences, singer / songwriter Minnie Wood is stepping out into the forefront and finally walking to the beat of her own drum.

Whether fronting a rock band, singing back-up vocals for the likes of Monique Brumby, Cousin Leonard & Troy Dean, or shining as a solo artist performing the National Anthem at the Melbourne Tigers basketball game before 2000+ people, Minnie Wood has continually proven she's got it goin' on.

"We've had lots of singers perform the national anthem for The Melbourne Tigers but Minnie has sung it the best of all!"
Andrew Gaze Dec. 2002

Inspired by her late father Teddie Wood, a Frank Sinatra-style crooner - Minnie has been singing, penning tunes for original rock bands & performing in cover bands since the age of seventeen.

Her host of recording efforts include the 'Mizu' CD (a Cousin Leonard side project-world music/ambient CD), Club Acoustica Live and backing vocals on 'Petrified' from Troy Dean's EP 'Stop Yourself' as well as his forthcoming debut album. AKA Melynda Deanwood, Minnie was a founding member of Melbourne band Mint who worked the Melbourne live-scene (Espy, Punters, Corner Hotel) 1992 – 2002. They independently released the EP 'Pact' (John Farnham's Gotham Studios) and album 'Everything Is Nothing' (Joe Camilleri's Woodstock Studios). She worked on both CD's with successful UK producer Paul 'Woody' Annison (Pound System). The Mint track 'Mother/Earth' was included on the Stop Jabiluka 2000 compilation CD along such artists as Killing Heidi.

Minnie Wood is currently focussing her energy into her debut solo recording with Songwriter Joanne Ring & Producer / Artist Troy Dean.

She has performed at such venues as The Espy (residency), Federation Square, Adelaide Fringe Festival, The Basement Sydney, an East Coast Tour and performing at Monique Brumby's CD launch at the Corner Hotel, Richmond.

Minnie Wood's voice has been heard on Triple J, Triple M (also as winner of the Alanis Morissette Impersonation Comp. in 2004 on prime time Shebang show!) & various community radio stations. The track "Lies" (Pact EP) received international airplay via The Big Backyard Sampler Series to a listening audience of up to 60 million. She has been interviewed by Rosie Beaton (Triple J), Fiona Horne (Triple M), Lynne Haultain (ABC 774 Melbourne) as well as live-to-air performances on 3RRR FM, 3PBS FM 3CR. Mint's video clip for "Lies" was aired several times on Channel V & Rage, and she has also been interviewed by Leah McLeod (Channel V).

In 1998, Minnie initiated and organised the B.U. (Body Unlimited) Concert to raise awareness about positive body image and eating disorders for the ABNFV (Now Eating Disorders Foundation of Vic).

Mother, Social Worker/Counsellor, Social Justice Events Organiser & Singer, Minnie's presence is undeniable. Her neon charge will light up any space. Keep your Eyes open and Ears out for the distinctive vocal artist that is Minnie Wood.


"…A 5 piece out of Victoria, fronted by a pair of very competent female vocalists whose harmonies are just a little reminiscent of the sadly missed Clouds… This ['Everything Is Nothing'] is one cool album that just about has it all. 9/10"
Heard Online Magazine 2002

"MINT's in-your-face debut EP 'pact' is a powerful mix of funk-rock, with wildly passionate showdown vocals…"
Louisa Williams Beat magazine 1998

"Pact, the debut EP from MINT is diverse and impressive. They show their potential on 'Lies' which has a relentless funky riff and an Alanis [Morrisette] / Skunk Anansie-like vocal."
Jeff Jenkins Indie Column InPress Magazine 1998

MINNIE'S Video & Audio Samples…

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('Collapsing in Love' Backing vocals)

WIRELESS -coverband
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Don't Look At Me

Written By: Joanne Ring

I know you like to see me
I know that in your eyes
I am beautiful
But the mirror tells a story
Of a hundred sleepless nights
On my pillow
And you want to hold my hand
You want to understand
But I turn away
And it's not because you're there
But no matter how you care
I will burn today

So don't look at me
Don't Look at me

Trying to disguise hell
No words can ever tell
Just how close I get
And though you're not on your own
You're gonna feel alone
Coz the trap is set


You Don't Know

Written By: Melinda Wood

Here I go again
as I shed yet another tear.
An endless well of fury
is inside me here.
Confession, equals power.
Failure, not to try.
A storm becomes a shower
when truth is no more a lie.
Try, you don't.

No more livin' in a shadow world.
No dark when there is light.
If there were never any storms
the sun would never shine so bright.
It's haunting me.
It's taunting me.
It's tearing me apart.
But I must be patient.
Must be patient with what is so troubled in my heart.
A troubled heart that you don't know.

You Don't Know (Repeat)

Time now to move on.
The storm without,
the storm without the rain.
We may never agree
but we can wash away the pain.
They say there are ten thousand joys,
there are ten thousand sorrows.
Loss it is disguised as opportunity
for a new tomorrow.
A tomorrow that you don't know.

You Don't Know (Repeat x 3)

I wanna pull the plug and come up for air.
Stop this suffocation it is killing me.
I wanna put an end to all that causes this despair,
'cause that's just the way I want my life to be.

It's haunting me.
It's taunting me.
It's tearing me apart.
It is poison.
It is loud.
To no forgive will mean your anger will become...
...it will become your shroud.
So walk to the well.
A few minutes...not worth a lifetime
of living hell.
Living hell that you don't know.

You Don't Know (Repeat x 3)


2006 - Home recorded demos - as solo artist Minnie Wood. Forthcoming solo EP

2006 - Troy Dean forthcoming CD - backing vocals

2005 - Club Acoustica Live CD - Cousin Leonard (Backing vocals)

2005 - Song 'Petrified' (backing vocals) Troy Dean's EP 'Stop Yourself'

2003 - 'Mizu' CD (a Cousin Leonard side project-world music/ambient CD. Improvised vocals)

2001 : 'Gram Rock / Slash Generation' Double A Side Single. Lead vocals with band Mint

2001 : 'Everything Is Nothing' Album - Mint

2000 : 'Stop Jabiluka 2000' Compilation Album (MINT track 'Mother/Earth')

2000 : Digital Radio's 'Radio Raw Vol 1' Compilation (MINT track 'Maybe Tomorrow')

1997 : 'pact' ep - Mint

1993 : 'Nu Music Sampler Vol 7' (MINT track 'Push To Shove)

Set List

Don't Look At Me
You Don't Know
Full Moon
The Sea
Maybe Tomorrow
Push To Shove
Middle Of The Stairs
Message In A Bottle (cover)