Music by Minor is dark, sad, beautiful, edgy, haunting, brooding, hopeful, ambient, cinematic, thematic instrumental music with an electronic edge that embodies the duality of darkness and redemption experienced directly by Minor as a result of her decade's journey to the depths of existence itself.


Minor is an electronic musician residing in the Pacific Northwest. She specializes in the ambient electronic genre, utilizing the combination of haunting chord progressions and strong bass lines to create her signature brooding style. Her instrumental pieces are often described as thematic and cinematic; each song becomes its own soundtrack in the mind of the listener.

Minor has recently released her debut EP, entitled The Rousing, which is a collection of pieces that represent Minor’s unexpected recovery from a mysterious and debilitating hearing problem that left her sequestered from sound, and music, for over a decade.

Having always composed songs on the piano by ear in the minor key from a very young age (three years old), melancholy yet beautiful music was always where Minor’s heart, and ears were. That is until a mysterious and debilitating condition seized Minor’s hearing, afflicting her for well over the next decade of her life. The long-term suffering and isolation due to her condition led her to some very dark places, and pushed Minor’s mental state about as far as anyone’s can be pushed, without going over the edge. Needless to say, these years of suffering supplied Minor with plenty of “material” to fuel the music forever brewing inside her. And when she came upon an unexpected recovery from this condition, Minor knew exactly the thing that she must do. Make a record.

And so it is with this motivation that Minor wants to share her music and her story. Because at its foundation, Minor’s bizarre story is one of hope. It is a story of losing what is most important to you, and embarking upon an impossible journey to try to get it back. Minor got it back, against all odds, and “it” is now embodied in her music.

In addition to releasing The Rousing, Minor has just released the soundtrack to an indie film that she scored. She wrote and performed the entire score to the feature length film Face Eater. Face Eater is an irreverent, politically incorrect B-movie homage that has “cult following” written all over it. It has just been accepted at its first film festival, TromaDance. (for those that don’t know, this is the festival where South Park’s creators got their start). Minor also did a remix of Duran Duran’s Nite Runner. She was able to get a copy of it into their iconic hands, and soon after she received an email from their manager, saying that “the band really liked your remix” and asked if Minor would mind if Duran Duran used it. Lest there be any doubt, Minor did not mind at all if Duran Duran wanted to use her remix.

The Rousing is fulfilling its title. Minor’s music and artistry have been revived after a long, almost deathly interruption. And The Rousing is just that; the beginning. The beginning of what will be a long and meaningful contribution, from the artist obsessed with the minor key.



Written By: Maresa Eve Smith aka Minor



1.The Rousing
2.Face Eater Soundtrack