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"Minora - Imago 2011"

"Sometimes you can actually describe a band in just one word, Minora is one of these bands. Atmospherical is the word, in case you were wondering, that is in one word the best description of Minora’s music...." - www.hallowed.se

"Minra - Imago 2011"

If I had to describe this album in just a single word I would go with ‘atmosphere’, because I am having a hard time finding a song without any. It is dark, full of melancholy, but it definitely has a soft side when the clear keys come in. They give a whole other twist on things. The guitars on this record are relatively simple but well suited to the rest of the album, it really brings out the keys. The slow but well-timed drums perfect the picture.

Imago is the debut album by the Swedish band Minora, it provides us with forty minutes or ten songs. The opener of Imago, ‘Mountain’ is probably one of the stronger songs on the CD. It is so full of beautiful atmosphere and it reminds me of Katatonia just a little bit, they carry the same kind of melancholy. The vocals are clean yet deep, long lasting and very powerful. Things I do appreciate in vocals. Although there are only ten songs, and I am rather content with their musical performance, they could have put a little more contrast between the songs. The base is always the same, and that is just getting plain and simply annoying after a couple of songs. I bet when they try to get more diversity in their songs, they will make name for themselves. Definitely. - Lords of Metal


Single "A New Dawn" - 2010
Album "Imago" - 2011
Single "Mountain" - 2011



The Gothenburg, Sweden based band Minora adds unique aspects to their metal sound with a mix of alternative post-rock and progressive elements. The result has been turning the ears of many in the metal/rock scene after countless shows and re-invention.

Minora got together in the current lineup back in 2008 and during the same year started to write material for their debut album, “Imago“, to be released January of 2011. The recording was done at Svenska Grammofonstudion (Dark Tranquillity, The Haunted) in Gothenburg and mixed/mastered by David Castillo (Katatonia, Bloodbath, Opeth) at Ghost Ward in Stockholm during 2010. The album is full of dynamic heavy guitar-driven songs and even includes a cover of Björk’s “Jóga”. The band also employed the design skills of Shelby Cinca who has done work for Dillinger Escape Plan “Ire Works” and Darkest Hour “Hidden Hands of the Sadist Nation” and “Mark of the Judas” to visually represent the album. Minora’s debut establishes the band’s world sonically and visually of one full of dynamism and atmospheric journey.