Minor Constellations

Minor Constellations


Minor Constellations is Dean Engle, an eighteen year old boy from Poughkeepsie, New York, who writes songs about everything (but mostly girls) and then plays those songs as fast as he can on his ukulele.


I bought a ukulele on my seventeenth birthday and then proceeded to write and record four albums in less than a year. All of my music is available for free download from a netlabel called Rack and Ruin Records. I write a couple of songs every week. Pretty much all of them are loosely based on things that actually have happened. Influences: Jens Lekman, the Mountain Goats, Magnetic Fields, Paul Simon, musicians who really care about telling a story through their songs.


Why Tattoos Are Dangerous

Written By: Minor Constellations

I walked across the room to read her tattoo better. It said, “Humans Have Half-Lives” in big, block letters. I smiled, stuck out my hand, and said something clever. I asked her what it meant, even though I had such met her. She said, “We're greatest when we're babies and then we start decaying, decrease a little bit every year, but never disappear completely.” I got what she was saying, even though it was kind of crazy. She asked if I'd just follow her. She didn't feel like chasing me. La la la la la. She took me to the dancefloor and waited for some major chords. Then she kissed me until she got bored. I thought about how I'd be alone if her ink hadn't caught my interest and that's why tattoos are dangerous. If her skin was bare I wouldn't have noticed her there and if her skin was bare I would not have cared. From the first second that I saw her, I could feel it in my gut. I would have to learn again why tattoos are dangerous. La la la la la.


Written By: Minor Constellations

I like the way you say my name, how you stretch out the middle vowels so there's a smile on your face. But you live so far away. I wish that I could just pick you up and put you in a closer place. Lauren, when will I see you again? I hope that it's soon. Half the country isn't nearly far enough to cancel the connection that has quickly grown between us. I feel every mile that is keeping you from me, and I can't wait until they melt away, beneath your airplane seat. Lauren, when will I see you again? I hope that it's soon. I hate all the Dallas boys who fumbled with your heart because I'd do just the opposite if we weren't so far apart.


Written By: Minor Constellations

It seems like you've been gaining weight. Are you eating because you're lonely? Lonely, without me? Or maybe you're just hungry, hungry to be loved. Well, I tried hard for a couple of months, and I wish I could have back those wasted days. I gave you everything that you wanted. I used to be a love buffet. It makes me sad to see you now, because you must have gained about twenty pounds. But if you get those cheeks in check and stop drinking every weekend, maybe you'll see me again (but probably not).


Written By: Minor Constellations

I think you're pretty even when you are crying and I like dancing with you even though you do it badly. Words got in the way and we ended it, sadly. You've moved on and I'm the only casualty. I'm sorry that I didn't meet your expectations and I'm sorry that I don't even know what they might be, but when you decide to stop wasting your time, know that there will always be a place for you with me. Maybe the signs were there and I just read them wrong. You can ask anyone, I'm illiterate in Love. I could not decipher your steady stream of signals, separate the static from the messages and stuff. Consider this song an invitation, and there's no date by the RSVP because when you decide to stop wasting your time, know that there will always be a place for you with me.


"Some Songs I Know You Like" 2008

"Ten Chances" 2008

"Stay Asleep" 2009

"Symmetrical Summer" 2009

All of them are available for free download (and some songs are available for streaming) at http://www.myspace.com/minorconstellations I was also on the radio once for an interview and live set (a local Cumulus owned station, interestingly) because the morning show's DJ really liked my music when I played a show to a mostly empty grocery store parking lot during a food drive the radio station sponsored.

Set List

Usually I play over twenty songs, but my sets are never longer than an hour. I blow through my songs, so people don't get bored. I only stop to tell stories while I re-tune. Sometimes I play covers of famous songs. I do a pretty mean "Since U Been Gone."