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"The Beat: Minor Dischord"

PLAYERS: "Funky" Tim Helbling, lead vocals/guitars; Bob James, guitar/violin/keyboards; Rudy Escajeda, vocals/saxophones/percussion; John Michael, drums; Brandon Michael, bass

SOUNDS LIKE: Minor Dischord has a fusion groove rock sound. Its influences include Dave Matthews Band, Robin Trower and Buddy Miles Express.

BACKSTORY: Minor Dischord band members came together from many different musical backgrounds in 2002. The band released its first self-titled album in 2006. Members are working on new material for a follow-up album and introduced new instruments, including mandolin and steel guitar, to its repertoire. The group has been nominated the past two years for best R&B/funk band in the Modesto Area Music Association Awards.

QUOTE ME: "Our music is melted down for the rock-blues-jazz-Americana-funk listener in all of us." Tim Helbling, lead vocalist

NEW MUSIC: Members are working on a dozen or so new songs, some of which can be heard live at shows.

NEXT GIG: See them live on the News 10 morning show "Sacramento & Co." on the local ABC affiliate at 9 a.m. today. Other shows Nov. 15 at the Masonic Temple in Stockton and Dec. 13 at at the Fat Cat Music House & Lounge in Modesto.
- Modesto Bee - 11-7-08

"Minor Dischord-2006"

Minor Dischord, a band with little discord and lots of songs played minor, will be
featured July 14 2007, in the Janet Leigh Plaza (Downtown Stockton Cinema Square), at
Music in the Square. The band, made up of five talented local musicians, has been
providing the San Joaquin Valley with an amazing mix of blues, funk and rock
tunes for five years.
The band has received many accolades in the past few years for their music,
including the most recent 2006 Stammy Award, presented in the Atherton Theatre at
Delta College. Inspired by the people they meet and their everyday life experiences,
all five band members do their part in composing and writing new music and lyrics.
Though song writing is led by lead vocalist and guitarist Tim Helbling, the other
band members make their contributions as well. Each of the five musicians come
from varying backgrounds and walks of life, bringing a different touch to the
songs. While each member has a different background in genres and styles, when
combined the quintet offers listeners a “groove rock” mix.
Minor Dischord has played at the downtown Stockton Art Walk, Fats Bar and
Grill, Bradley’s and the Fat Cat in Modesto. They will be at Music in the Square, in
the Janet Leigh Plaza, on July 14, 7 - 9 pm. Live music in the plaza will continue to
be offered every Friday and Saturday night through the end of September.
To listen to Minor Dischord prior to their next show, check out their website at
www.myspace.com/minordischord. - the Downtowner (Stockton ,CA)

"FunkyTim Wants To Give Back"

Tim Helbling booked his first show six months ago at the Blackwater Cafe just so he'd have a place to play.

Today, he's giving other aspiring musicians the same opportunity. The Minor Dischord guitarist has turned his monthly FunkyTim concert series into a showcase for performers who appreciate the chance to be onstage in front of a mic.

"I've always wanted to just be a part of something and help other bands out," said Helbling, 35. "We just want to get them out and get them heard."

The next FunkyTim show is set for 6:30 p.m. today at the Blackwater, 912 N. Yosemite St. Cover is $5, and musicians on the bill include Stockton rockers James Blonde Band as well as singer-songwriters Lisa Gallego, Tara Tinsley and Helbling.

Gallego also will be performing at a FunkyTim show at 8:30 p.m. April 19 at Bradley's, 116 N. Hunter St. Admission to that show is free, but it is open only to those 21 and older.

"It's all about exposure for everybody - exposure to new music and exposure to new crowds," Helbling said. "You stir them in the mix and let everybody get heard."

Opportunities to be heard can be rare for musicians in Stockton, which has comparatively few promoters and venues for a city with a population nearing 300,000. About six months ago, Helbling decided to create his own opportunity, booking an acoustic open-mic show for himself and some friends at the Blackwater.

Helbling said he tries to keep the lineup for the shows diverse, mixing acoustic and electric performers from different genres. He's sought a variety of acts through Craigslist and MySpace, and he's asked musicians to take part in FunkyTim shows after seeing them at other concerts. It's resulted in shows that have featured the smoothness of jazz as well as rock jams.

And Helbling is hoping his shows will continue to grow. He'd like to bring them outdoors into downtown Stockton, where local musicians can reach more potential fans and hopefully build a big enough following to warrant an outdoor music festival.

Ian Hill is the editor of 209Vibe, a local music and entertainment Web site and newspaper. Contact him at (209) 943-8571 or ihill@209Vibe.com.

- Stockton Record

"MAMA Awards show in Modesto"

By Aaron Davis
Special to The Record
October 16, 2008 6:00 AM

Perhaps the most important letter in the "MAMA" acronym is the "A" for "area."

"We've always used the term for anyone who lives within about 45 minutes from town," said Chris Murphy, co-founder of Modesto Area Music Association. "For example, Megan Slankard (of Tracy) has been one of our biggest all-time winners she used to play here all the time."

"If they never play in town, then they don't get nominated, but they don't necessarily have to live in 95350," he added. "Every year we try and make it more inclusive."

Murphy and the rest of the Modesto Area Music Association are ready to blow the roof off the 2008 MAMA Awards, the ninth installment of the awards show that honors artists from Modesto, Stockton, and throughout the region. The event returns to the State Theatre tonight, after being held last year at the Gallo Center for the Arts as part of the facility's opening gala.

"(The State) is the historic building with the dynamite acoustics; that building just rips," Murphy said. "Plus you can drink a beer at the same time while you watch the show - mission critical for rock and roll."

While the State (the usual home for the MAMAs) seems like the natural fit, some performers were big fans of the Gallo Center.

"I liked the Gallo Center a lot. It was a beautiful place," said Manteca singer Travis Vick. "When I heard I got to perform at the awards (this year) I was looking forward to playing there, but the State is super cool too."

Travis Vick joins a lineup of performers that includes local faces such as Alyssa Poppin, Not 4 Nothin', Grains of Sand, Aquanet, Nick Shattell (of Not an Airplane) and more. There will also be music videos shown from Solar Powered People, Rachel Renae and others, music from DJ Liquid, a presentation from mayor Jim Ridenour, a lifetime achievement award to Marie Gallo, and more.

"There's nothing worse than a long, boring awards show; we've crammed it all into three hours and 10 minutes," Murphy said. The show is also being webcast live on modestoview.com.

Some local nominees include Vick and Ripon's French Cassettes for best alternative/indie, Jonathan "Mackalot" Davis for best urban, We're Not Friends Anymore for best hard rock, and Stockton staples Minor Dischord for best funk/rock.

"It definitely helps us to get a little more publicity and promotion (in Modesto); they have quite a little brotherhood going on down there," said Tim Helbling, a.k.a. "Funky Tim" of Minor Dischord, who are nominated for the second time. "We're all winners down there."

As Helbling, Vick and Murphy all agree, even though awards will be dished out in several categories throughout the night, the MAMAs are much less about winning and losing as they are about allowing the faces of the area's music scene to hang out together for the night.

"It's the one moment where everyone sees each other, and only a couple guys have to work," Murphy said. "It's pretty exciting.

Contact Aaron Davis at features@recordnet.com
- Stockton Record


Minor Dischord (self titled)
12 tracks @ over 61 minutes.
Mastered @ grammy winning Prarie Sun Studios in Cotati , CA in January 2007.
The band has received several interviews , on-air performances and airplay on b93.1 in Modesto , at the Univ.of Pacific in Stockton , and various other jazz,pop,and rock stations in NorCal.



Minor Dischord is a groove rock band , from the Stockton area , featuring five unique musicians , all versed in improvisation. The live show boasts saxophone , violin , jazz & blues guitar , bass and percussion , all lead and rhythm contributors.

Since 2005 , Minor Dischord has participated in festivals from Modesto to Sacramento , appeared live on TV (Sacramento & Co. , Ch10) , and has played at Weber Point in Stockton , Modesto & Stockton Ballparks , Stockton Arena , the Fat Cat in Modesto , the Empire Theatre in Stockton , and shows from Turlock to Placerville.

The band has performed at various NorCal festivals throughout the valley as a main stage act.

The band has received several interviews , on-air performances and airplay on b93.1 in Modesto , at the Univ.of Pacific in Stockton , and various other jazz,pop,and rock stations in NorCal.

Also very active in charity events such as the Relay 4 Life (cancer walks) and Humane Society fundraisers.

Performing and receiving a STAMMY award (STockton grAMMY) at Atherton Theatre in 2006 and nominated for a MAMA award (Modesto Area Musicians Association) in '07 & '08 are some nods to the bands persistent schedule.

Minor Dischord continues to wow crowds with their original groove rock and their choice of classic covers in their live shows.