Minor Flaw

Minor Flaw

 Odense, South Denmark, DNK

A rock band from Denmark. Known for their sing-a-long choruses and unmistakeable live energy. As all 3 of them sing, they create vocal harmonies even live.


The year is 2008. Minor Flaw has just made the final touches to their debut album “Human Marvel”, which is set to be released at the beginning of 2009 on Iceberg Records and includes the singles “Get Over You” and “Everything and More”.
The genre is rock, but still alternative and by bringing all three vocals to the front, a unique style sees the light of day.
The album has been created in collaboration with the producing-team Mark Wills and Dan Hougesen which has recently worked with renowned names such as Dúné and The Blue Van just to name a few.

Minor Flaw was born in a dark basement in 2001, where Søren Waaben Hansen (born 1980) and Rune Vahl Wagner (born 1979) started to play energetic, fast paced music.
Rune had put up a flyer saying that he wanted to play some music that resembled the music of Green Day and Foo Fighters, which was just what Søren had been looking for so he grabbed the phone and arranged to meet Rune.

Rune had developed his musical talent as a kid by playing piano, but after seeing a Buddy Holly musical as a teen he got a taste for electric guitars and rock.
Søren, on the other hand, had been playing rock and grunge for several years and was just returning home after a few years living in London, so he naturally missed playing music. Minor Flaw was a reality!

Rune and Søren started playing every song they knew, which meant only 3 chords in a song. To begin with the inspiration was punk-rock and a lot of that energy is still preserved in Minor Flaw year 2008. Soon after that Minor Flaw became the trio we know today when Nicolaj Rosander (1985) picked up a bass for the first time and quickly learned to play it, thereby making Minor Flaw complete.
Quickly Minor Flaw discovered the uniqueness of their take on vocal harmonies

In 2003/2004 a couple of EP’s were released and a lot of songs were written. Some of which has even found their way to the new album. Minor Flaw played a lot of shows all over the country and competed in a lot of talent shows, only to receive second place almost every time. Finally the band decided that they were through with competitions and decided to begin the hard work. There are no shortcuts to success.

Success was achieved when Iceberg Records responded to the EP’s and signed the band after they released their “Nothing to Lose” EP in 2006. An EP which also generated a lot of critical appraise and a subsequent tour of Denmark.
2007 was the year where Minor Flaw wrote the catchy song “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fisher” for a commercial campaign. A song that received an astounding airplay: 12.000 times played on 30 different stations in Denmark.

Finally the recording process for the forthcoming album began in late 2007. The recording has taken placed in Popshit studios in Randers Denmark as well as in Minor Flaws own rehearsel space. Mixing of the album was done in Home Studios in Hamburg by Mark Wills and Minor Flaw



Human Marvel (set for release in 2009)


Greatest Hits (2004) (self-released)

Danish Collection (2005) (self-released)

Nothing to Lose (2006) (self-released)


Sick and Tired (from Nothing to Lose EP)

Rock 'n' Roll Fisker (a danish advertisement song. The song is hasn't been releases (yet))

Set List

A typical setlist:

1. Moving On
2. Falling Apart
3. Fucked Up Inside
4. Stop messing with my Life
5. Sick and Tired
6. Before We Drown
7. Wake Up Call
8. Tough Shit
9. Everything is in your hands

This set usually takes about 40 min. We might play a cover once in a while, but our sets are allways mainly our own songs.
We have been asked to do 2 sets a couple of times so we do have some experience with that as well. Also when doing 2 sets we allways play mainly own songs