Minority Music

Minority Music


Minority Music is a 5 peice band from Edmonton Alberta. High energy live shows make us the next band that you want to check out. This band is original, fresh and hot! You won't know what hit you until it's over and all you can say is Minority Music


Minority Music is made up of five close friends who have known eachother for a very long time. We are all different minority groups and thats why we made our name minority music *with the help of Terry Paholak at Physics Lab Studios. But aren't we all part of a minority? Nathan Naz is the lead singer. Here is a description of his sound. He writes sincere lyrics and has a compassionate voice that captivates the listener. His passion can be heard in the power of his voice which is balanced out with a modern blues feel. Kris Stangeland is the bassist and back up vocals. Kris has a love for music and is always growing as an artist. His vision of music is unique and compelling. A funk rock mix are the core of Minority Music. He is an amazing musician and a sick bass player. Joel Purkess is the incredible drummer. When you see him play, you can not believe someone who is that young is that good. Here is what Joel has to say about his art "Drums originate from the heart beat, the heart pumps blood to give life, life gives new meaning to all sound, sounds is expression, expression is culture, drums are at the heart of every culture. I hit drums like I mean it and I live like I dream." He also has a great sense of humor, which is showcased in between songs when he helps Naz with the show. Chris Keung is an expert guitarist. His flare and soul explode out of his Strat and into the listeners ears. His melodic and impressive solos' give Minority Music their catchy edge. Together Chris and Kris create magic and through Chris's creative genious Minority Music achieves greatness. Richie Assaly is the glue of the band, the one that gives us some special chemistry and the band simply doesn't work without him.

The special thing about our band is our friendship, and our love of music that comes out best at our lives shows. Dedication makes us what we are and even though we're still practically no where in this business we're still somewhere and we know we have what it takes to be successful. Don't believe me? Check out our show, you'll change your mind.


Full length coming out early 07
All other recordings will be destroyed. But are available at myspace.com/minoritymusic

Set List

Oh the set list. This decides everything about the show. Our usual style is in your face punch right at the start to get us warmed up, then a blast of funk, from our unusually funky bass player in some of the songs he has written. If we're going to use a cover in our set, this would be the time and it's most likely going to be a Foo Fighters song. Time to cool off and bring it down for some of the softer side of Minority Music. Then the final bombs go off and we have a very high energy, rock n' roll concert finish! Yeah! Pumps me up just talking about it. And if you don't like the music I still bet you'll have a rockin' time. We love giving absolutely everything in our shows and at the end what at the start was making us feel either nervous, or scared or pressured turns from something intimidating in to something we can't wait to do again.

Our set lists have been anywhere from 20 minutes, to just under 2 hours. And the longer we play the more you will be blown away.