Minority Tradition

Minority Tradition

 Adelaide, South Australia, AUS

Minority Tradition are a new acoustic/folk band with a social justice focus who are making themselves heard in Adelaide and beyond. They were the winners of the Avoca Hotel Clearly Talented Band Competition in June 2010, and have recently won the demo section of the SCALA Festival of Original Music Song Competition for ‘Sailed Away’, a song about asylum seekers. They are looking forward to heading to Sydney in November to take the stage at the annual Refugee Ball event. Their band highlights so


Minority Tradition was formed in early 2010 on the foreshores of Henley beach in SA. Sitting in the sand with a guitar, djembe and there voices, Caellyen, Matt, Damo and Mason decided that they would turn their 'jamming' into something with a little more structure and purpose. Many of their early gatherings centred around discussion on what they wanted to achieve and it was decided that they did not want to be just another mainstream band and wanted to produce a sound and meaning that was different. The name Minority Tradition felt very appropriate once it had been discovered as all the band members believe in the values of living a lifestyle with a greatest emphasis on the minority ways.

All the band members place a high value on living a sustainable and environmentally friendly life. They believe that eco and social justice are among the greatest needs of our times and they want to bring this message through their music. Minority tradition have an earthy and yet upbeat sound and want their music to capture people from all audiences. The messages they bring through their music are in hope that they make the listeners think about the life they are living and their contribution to the earth around them.

Minority Tradition are hoping to work closely with other artist who believe in similar ideals and are currently working on organising music events that have an eco and social justice emphasis. They are also taking their music into schools to promote sustainable living and discuss eco and social justice issues of our time.

Minority Tradition have already had success as a band winning the Avoca Hotel Clearly Talented competition in june 2010 and recently winning the 'demo section' for song writing in the SCALA FOOM competition with their song 'Sailed Away'. Their early influences in there song writing have come mainly from their experiences volunteering with Asylum seekers on Christmas island and in Darwin and also through their studies in social work and the environment.

Minority Tradition have been influenced by such bands as Dispatch and Barefoot Truth.

Minority Tradition believe that it is through living a sustainable, just and eco friendly lifestyle that they will help return the earth back to the place it should be. They want their music to tell this story.