minor rites

minor rites

 Zion, Illinois, USA

Minor Rites is a power trio that has been writing there own music for 12 years. We have an original set list that ranges from 12 to 15 songs along with some great cover songs.


Vince and Steve, the founding members of the band, are two brothers that were inspired to write music that moves people. For ten years, Steve and Vince have been performing music throughout the Chicagoland area. Once drummer Garrett Wright joined Minor Rites, they began writing music together in 2009. Considering that Minor Rites are a power trio, the melodic structure of their latest EP is a funk-inspired melodic venture that delivers a unique diverse sound. Influences include Kings of Leon, Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, Fishbone, and many other artists.


Make Some Room EP

Hear it at:


Set List

Make Some Room
2nd Chance
Senior Year
Secret Agent
Tightrope Romance
Contest the Bomb
Going Nowhere
The Sensible Thing
They Call Us Blood

Plush (STP)
The Bucket, Use Somebody, Mcfearless (Kings of Leon)
Plowed, Molly (Sponge)
She Talks To Angels, Remedy (Black Crows)