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Minor Sounds are perfectly suited to the road movie you’ve only dreamed of living.


Minor Sounds as a singer-songwriter/producer duo was formed in Brighton in 2009, moving at the crossroads of folk, electronic music and trip hop. The core of the band is Mirna Stanich, singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based in Brighton and Martin Zietek, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer based in Warsaw and associated with the polish music scene. The result of their collaboration is a debut album titled "The Humming" that was released in spring 2012 and has been well-received by critics.
The title track "The Humming" has been featured on Fat Cat Records Demo Compilation 2012 and has been played on BBC Introducing: The South as well as on BBC Radio 6 Music.
The sound of the group has been compared to a wide range of artists, from Cocteu Twins to Portishead, Massive Attack, Beck and Feist.
The core of the band has recently been joined by Thomas Pettit (Très.B), Michal Stambulski (Microexpressions) and Jan Jablonski (Noodle Inc.). Currently they are getting ready to tour in Europe starting off with several dates in Poland.

“If CDs of this song arrived on producers’ desks at 6 Music with stickers proclaiming it to be the new single from Cat Power, Feist or Regina Spektor, it would be all over the airwaves in no time. We DJs meanwhile would be blethering about a “major new direction” or a “stunning return to form” or some such nonsense. It’s worth downloading this week’s Mixtape for this track alone. It’s always a joy to discover music on the BBC Introducing Uploader that doesn’t sound quite like anything else you’ve ever heard.” - BBC 6 music, Tom Robinson

"The Humming" by Brighton based Minor Sounds is one of the most original and compelling releases of 2012. It seems to play off musical opposites while retaining a rich tapestry of folk and electrons. It is both dark and warm, stark and fluid, atmospheric and concise. [...] This release is one of the most accessible studies in the stunning beauty of the human condition ever put to tape.” - Working Rhythms

“The Humming is the end result and to be quite honest, it is a beautiful piece of work. The fusion of two genres is refreshing as well as surprising, where one wouldn't think to combine dark folk music and adding in electronic ambient layers in the mix, but it just happens to work for these two.” 9/10 - Ultima Music Blog

“(They) build up and deliver an enticing culmination of sounds, leaving the listener extremely satisfied.” - The Music Mag

“The variety and contrast of guitar riffs and big room filling sounds throughout the course of this album and then their delivery are absolutely genius.” - Redhouse Reviews

"It’s music for thinkers and feelers. This music is a huge helping of soul food."
The Signal

"Slow build, but worth the wait."
Phil Jackson BBC Sussex

"If you like smart music, sounds that inspire emotion and thought, get this album. You’ll be in a new multi layered, multicolored world when you press play." Jamsphere


"The Humming" single released on Fat Cat Records Demo Compilation 2012

"The Humming" - single released on BIMM ALBUM: WHAT'S INSIDE YOUR HEAD? [VOLUME 2] for South Coast Sounds, hard copies and iTunes

"Everything You Need", "The Humming", "Clean Cut" played on BBC South, BBC Radio 6 Music, Juice Radio Brighton, etc.

"The Humming" - debut LP (2012)

Set List

1 Different Kind
2 Everything You Need
3 Three Legged Dog
4 Hailstorm
5 Behind The Scenes
6 Gravity
7 Clean Cut
8 Crooked Feet
9 The Humming
10 Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes