Min. Oscar Williams jr and The Band of Life

Min. Oscar Williams jr and The Band of Life

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Oscar WIlliams and The Band of Life are on a mission to Speak and Spread Life to everyone they encounter. They sing and play music that is LIFE-changing, LIFE-altering and LIFE-giving. Our belief is that God is the center of Life and has empowered us to be the BAND of LIFE


True artist are never created but are birthed, true performers are never made but molded and very seldom do you see this combination in one person or a group of people...but such is the case with Min. Oscar Williams jr. and Perfected Praise. Upon their arrival to the music industry, audiences were mesmerized by their vocal ability, harmony and precision. This catapulted their career in record time bringing them before audiences of thousands and in different countries.

Oscar Williams is a musician, choreographer, producer, clinician, orchestrator and teacher with extraordinary abilities. He combines several types of music genres to create timeless and classic songs that are heard throughout the country. He has worked with producers such as Sanchez Harley (Kirk Franklin, Aretha Franklin) and Levi 'Too' King ( Men of Standard). He has performed and/or served as musical director for The Saint Louis Black Repertory Theater, Unity Ensemble, Golden Gospel Singers of Harlem, NY and many more.

While remaining humble and appreciative to all that support them, this all-star cast of singers and musicians have graced several stages both individually and collectively. They have sung behind several national artist including Karen Clark Sheard, Daryl Coley and Lauren Hill. They have shared the stage with Dionne Warwick, Lionel Richie, Albertina Walker and many more.

Not only is Oscar and his ensemble nationally known, they are also international artist having performed tours and concerts in Poland,Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Jamaica, Greece and The Middle East. They have participated in the Vatican Christmas concert singing before the Pope and hold the honor as being one of only three gospel groups to do so. Also the served as Ambassadors for music in 2010, with the program, Rhythm Road: Music Abroad. Through the sponsorship of the US States Department and Jazz at Lincoln Center, Oscar Williams and his Band were selected to represent the United States in Eastern Europe, doing concerts, master classes and interviews.

Individually you can find Oscar's singers utilizing their God-given talent in various arenas, such as singing background for such artist as John Legend, performing in a leading role on Broadway in the production, Lion King and performing in national gospel stage plays such as Be Careful What You Pray For and Looking for Mr. Do-Right or teaching music education at local public schools.

The resume of Oscar Williams jr. featuring the Band of LIfe extends on, but what makes them unique is their ability to reach people. And with the release of their first CD entitled Unstoppable, that is exactly what they have been doing, reaching out to anyone and everyone who is willing to hear a message of hope and encouragement.



Written By: Oscar Williams Jr

No matter how hard it gets
No matter how hard the test
No matter what comes my way i know that I can't turn back no
No matter what's in my way
I'll keep fighting every day
No matter what people say I know that I am Unstoppable

Verse 1
So you thought you could keep me down
You thought you could make me frown
You thought that you could tell me I would never be nothing at all
But through the rough times in my life, God gave me the will to survive
Right now I'm standing and there's nothing that can stop me now

Verse 2
So you thought you could count me out, You thought I would never amount
You thought I would be the one that always got stuck in the crowd
But just you take a look at me now
See how my life has turned around
Right now I'm standing and there's nothing that can stop me now!

See people never saw the vision I saw in my dreams, they always told me that dreams are not reality.
But I got older, smarter, stronger, harder
Now that God is on my side can't nothing block my way
No no no no no no Unstoppable

You Mean the World To me

Written By: Oscar Williams Jr

Oh Lord You mean the world to me
Everyday the closer I get to Thee
Oh Lord You keep on blessing me
Everyday Your hand of mercy I see
With a heart of praise to You this song I sing, Oh Lord You mean the world to me

You're the source of my existence
Your love runs deeper than the sea
In my life You are consistent
Oh Lord You're everything to me

Oh Lord You mean the world to me
Oh Lord You mean the world to me
Oh Lord You mean the world to me
Oh Lord You mean the world to me

I can't breath with out You
I can't live with out You
Can't even move with out You
You mean the world to me

Oh Lord You mean the world to me


Min. Oscar Wiliams jr. and Perfected Praise
Unstoppable - Full length CD

You are the One - Single

Safety - Single

Oh Lord You are My Shelter - Gospel Today project II

Rejoice and Awesome God - Dello Thedford and The Gospel Symphonic Choir

No Weapon - GMWA Youth Choir

I Love You Jesue, Father's Cry, Thank Ya - Tiffany Gilkey and Company

Your Latter - Smokie Norful and Victory Mass Choir

I've Got A Testimony - Rev. Jasper Williams and the Salem Baptist Church

You Rescued Me - The Mississippi Mass Choir

Set List

1st set - This is the Day/Psalms 34/You are the One/No Weapon - 15-20 mn

2nd set -This is the Day/Oh Jesus/Safety - 10-15mn

3rd set - Full Concert - 30-50mn

4th set - (Holiday Set) Joy to the World/O Come let us adore Him/O Holy nite/Jesus is His Name/Silent Nite- 25mn