Min. Oscar Williams jr and The Band of Life
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Min. Oscar Williams jr and The Band of Life

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | INDIE

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | INDIE
Band Christian Gospel


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"Oscar Williams Jr joins Eklectricity with Adam and Belinda"

Oscar Williams Jr. is a classically trained pianist with a degree from the University of MO - St. Louis and obtaining his Masters in Music from Southern Methodist University. His formal training began at the age of 8. He is a well accomplished and decorated pianist with styles ranging from Classical music, Jazz, Gospel, Ragtime and Broadway. He holds many prestigious awards and honors and has performed before vast audiences including Pope John Paul II, performances at the White House and continuous demand performances in Europe. He has toured extensively throughout Jamaica, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France and Austria performing his own music and also serving as vocal coach and contractor for European pop singer Elisa. He has shared the stage with such artist as; Dionne Warwick, Lionel Richie, Lauren Hill, Kirk Franklin, Richard Smallwood, Clifton Davis and many more. Oscar Williams was selected as 1 of 10 bands from around the country to serve in a program called Rhythm Road, a program sponsored by the US States Department and Jazz at Lincoln Center. This program is designed to send the best musicians over as representatives of American-based music, to teach, perform and promote their genre while also helping US relationships with these countries. This tour took him to Cyprus, Lebanon, Poland and Romania performing for the US Embassies and the Ambassadors and also master classes and ecumenical services. Oscar's concert series also included performances at the National Geographic Center in Washington, DC and the Dizzy Club in NYC. Oscar is a national recording artist, composer, producer and clinician, having released his debut CD "Unstoppable" in September of '05 nationwide on RyKo/Warner/Aleho Records. This debut smash spent time on the Top 40 Gospel Billboard Charts and was very successful with radio and retail. Eclectic in style, electric in energy...it's time for Eklectricity! - Elecktricity

"Builds U.S. International Relations Via Rhythm Road Program"

ashville, TN - Award winning gospel songwriter and vocalist Oscar Williams, Jr. is currently on a summer mission to impact the world with the gospel of music. Oscar Williams, Jr and Perfected Praise were selected out of over 100 applicants to participate in the Rhythm Road Program that sends American musicians to non-westernized countries to help promote and teach American based music. The program is also designed to strengthen and build U.S. relations with the countries the musicians visit. This is Oscar’s first year with the Rhythm Road Program which will have him tour four countries: CYPRUS (Larnaca); LEBANON (Beirut, Jezzine, Kharley, Tripoli); Poland (Warsaw, Kielce, Krakow); Romania (Bucharest, Constanta).

Recently featured on the CBS Morning News, Oscar and his singers (Thelma Guyton, Tracy Smith, Meaghan Williams) have performed at several Ambassador’s residences and met Presidents and Prime Ministers creating an experience that has been nothing less than phenomenal. They’ve been able to share Gospel music with Muslims, non-believers and embrace the different Christian communities in each country they’ve toured. Oscar also participates in lectures at Universities and libraries teaching the importance and significance of gospel music.

Oscar’s musical presentation represents artistic honesty which is being embraced by all walks of life, creeds and religions. “What we do is not like your regular concert, it is very interactive and the audience is MADE to sing, clap and dance,” Oscar explains. “Before long, they feel like they can really understand the music and it’s not as foreign to them as they thought.” The group finds itself in front of audiences that include professional musicians of all genres, government officials and dignitaries and citizens of all ages.

Although this is Oscar’s first Rhythm Road tour, this aligns with his mission and desires to take his music into international territory. “I knew a long time ago that God was entrusting me with an international ministry,” Oscar states. “I am striving to represent Christ the best way I can. I don’t want to bring any shame to His name. I want to show the world His unfailing love and grace.”

The tour ends in a few weeks stopping last in Romania. Oscar plans to head back to the states where he has tour dates scheduled in Mississippi, Atlanta, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Orlando all while continuing to work on his next studio release which will be complete late fall.

Oscar, native of St. Louis, is most noted for having penned “Safety”, the soul-stirring gospel hit favorite, and “God is Able” the radio chart toping song recorded by Joe Leavell. Oscar is one of the industry’s most sought after music directors and clinicians. He holds a Bachelors degree in Music from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. His songwriter credits include contributions to Gospel Today presents Praise and Worship Project II, Smokie Norful presents Victory Cathedral Choir; The Thomas Dorsey Convention Project, Jasper Williams, Jr’s Landmark, and on projects by powerhouse vocalist Lecresia Campbell, The Mississippi Mass Choir, The Wilmington Chester Mass Choir and The GMWA Youth Choir.

About the Rhythm Road

Launched in 2005 in partnership with Jazz at Lincoln Center, The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad has already sent 118 musicians from 31 jazz, urban or American roots music ensembles to 97 countries. In the tradition of the original Jazz Ambassadors program that sent Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong and Dave Brubeck on world tours during the Cold War era, Rhythm Road brings American culture to audiences around the globe through person-to-person exchanges, focusing particularly on those in more remote areas.

The musicians' engagement with foreign audiences via workshops, master classes and jam sessions presents a positive image of the U.S. and provides a greater understanding of our society. The U.S. artists themselves deepen their knowledge of other cultures, enhance their creativity, and feel the pride of representing their country.

To learn more about musical ambassadors sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, see the related program, Musical Overtures, which sends experienced musicians to nations involved in, or recovering from conflict.
- Gospel Synergy


Jazz at Lincoln Center and the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs announced that the Oscar Williams Jr. and Perfected Praise will tour Eastern Europe and Lebanon with The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad program. The gospel group from Saint Louis, Missouri, was selected from a pool of 132 applicants to travel abroad and promote cross-cultural understanding. International tour activities will include public concerts, master classes, lecture- demonstrations, workshops, jam sessions, collaborations with local musicians and media outreach.
As part of The Rhythm Road, Oscar Williams Jr. and Perfected Praise also performed two concerts in the United States. The first was performed in Washington, D.C. at the National Geographic Society and the other in New York City at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center. - Jazz at Lincoln Center

"Oscar Williams and Perfected Praise"

From musical theater to international ministry, Oscar Williams Jr. & Perfected Praise shares many of Williams’ compositions for their first recording, Unstoppable. This ensemble is one of many undertakings for Williams Jr., who has directed singers as well as dancers for such organizations as The St. Louis Black Rep Theater and The Golden Gospel Singers of Harlem. With a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Missouri, he grasped a wide array of musical genres from ragtime to rock. A variety of groups have recorded Williams Jr.’s pure inspirational songwriting from GMWA Youth to the Thomas Dorsey Convention Project.

Despite a huge concert/workshop resume including associations with Daryl Coley and Vanessa Bell Armstrong, the turning point was the opportunity traveling two straight years in several countries with Perfected Praise, including an audience with the Pope at the Vatican Christmas Celebration. The ensemble’s lineup comprises established recording artists and actors in Gospel productions, such as Be Careful What You Pray For.

A celebration of everyday life is in order for This Is The Day (Psalm 118:24) signifies because He redeemed us, we will let our voice and dance be known.

When God shows up as illustrated in Psalm 34: “For God dwells in the midst of His people”, the praise gates will surely widen. Co-writer Cedric Shannon-Rives sprinkles smooth vocals on the lead tip. Sophia Stevens and Cherise Lewis testify like mad for You Are The One, with love that breaks all molds: “Your love’s beyond reasoning.”

Rives heads back to the solo spotlight, this time for You Mean The World To Me. The contemplative mood after the ensemble utters: “You’re the source of my existence”, changes course where the gratitude is returned several fold.

Probably the most penetrating cut, Safety, reveals an exquisite secret place. Lecresia Campbell’s rich and endearing soprano clings to that place awaiting “those who walk through the valley of death” (Psalm 23:4).

Come See About Me measures several cups of slow simmering blues attitude. Unlike that same titled Motown hit from the sixties, Herman Gordon and company petitions deliverance from sin and our past selves.

To become a survival of the fittest, No Weapon (Isaiah 54:17) breaks down our breakthrough, from Leslie Johnson’s pleading lead vocal to Williams Jr.’s empowering moment: “You are the head, not the tail.” Tragedy, interrupted dreams, and such should never overcome us, as stated in You Can Make It. Another passionate duet by Russel White and Keisha Becton-Borden fills this quest for survival.

The gritty tone of Without God makes you feel good, but the message removes focus off self, as soloist C. Ashley Brown softly declares, “I would see misery and strife without Him.” Just As I Am, this time composed by Williams Jr., justifies the same intent of the original hymn by the same name.

Pulsating rhythms stir the ultimate triumph on the title track, where our dreams are fully realized with the Lord’s backing.

Many of Perfected Praise’s alumni expertly handle the solo and duet roles. Under versatile arrangements by Williams Jr., especially on the classic Without God, some of the studio’s renowned players like Ralph Lofton, Derrick Lee, and Simeon Baker lay down eloquence and funkiness.

Sanchez Harley (i.e. The Mighty Clouds Of Joy, T.D. Jakes) sits in the producer chair except on You Are The One, a stylish R&B vibe architected by producer Levi ‘Too’ King.

For the most part, Williams Jr. as worship leader knows when to jump to “raise the praise” bar and stay back as the ensemble’s radiant voices take care of business. As for the future, Williams Jr. and Perfected Praise’s impact will be an unstoppable force throughout the gospel community.

- Peggy Oliver

"Oscar Williams in Italy"

Oscar Williams jr svolge una intensissima attività musicale alla testa di grandi cori Gospel, coi quali effettua regolarmente tournée negli Stati Uniti, in Giamaica, Germania, Italia, Svizzera, Austria, Francia.

Allievo della University of Missouri-St.Louis, dove ha studiato col compositore Robert Ray, autore della celebre “Gospel Mass”, Oscar può essere considerato un musicista completo: alle doti di carica umana e di straordinaria vitalità scenica affianca infatti una seria e ricca preparazione musicale come pianista classico, arrangiatore, cantante, direttore e insegnante, che gli permette di spaziare con successo anche in altri generi musicali, come l’opera e il musical.

Oscar è inoltre un grande e ispirato compositore e annovera nel suo curriculum molti lavori discografici.

Ha lavorato tra gli altri con cori quali Dell Thedford and The Gospel Symphonic Choir, GMWA, National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses, The Rhema Church, Minister Eric J Brown and Charity, Detroit Gospel Singers.

Attualmente le sue energie sono concentrate soprattutto sul suo servizio come “Minister of Church” e nell’impegno come direttore dello straordinario ensemble vocale The Worship of Praise, da lui fondato, composto da 6 coristi professionisti fortemente legati alla tradizione.

Il pubblico italiano lo ricorderà, tra l’altro, per le sue apparizioni televisive come ospite di programmi trasmessi dalle reti nazionali: nel 2001 è stato protagonista di una intensissima ed emozionante performance musicale e vocale insieme ad Anna Oxa nello spettacolo “Torno Sabato” con Giorgio Panariello e nel 2002 ha partecipato a “Natale in Vaticano” accanto ai Detroit Gospel Singers.

(Aggiornato alla data del concerto)



Oscar Williams jr:

voce, pianoforte e direzione musicale

Vickie Vaughn, John Brown,
Cecelia A Brown,Tobbi White,
Cedric Shannon:


- Associazone Culturale

"Gospel Nei Teatri del Montefeltro"

Natale 2002 con Oscar Williams jr and the Worship of Praise

Il pubblico italiano lo ricorderà come ospite nello spettacolo televisivo del 2001 "Torno Sabato" con Giorgio Panariello, in un'emozionante e intensissima performance musicale e vocale insieme ad Anna Oxa.
Oscar Williams Jr arriva con i "Worship of Praise" in tournée nei teatri del Monfefeltro. Due gli appuntamenti con il Gospel: il giorno di Natale al Teatro Mariani di Sant'Agata Feltria e il 27 dicembre 2002 al Battelli di Macerata Feltria. L'iniziativa rientra nell'ambito di Sipario d'inverno, il festival della Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino e del TSR Teatro Stabile in Rete, in collaborazione con con Fano jazz'in Club.
Oscar Williams Jr, sempre alla testa di grandi cori, è impegnato in varie tournée negli Stati Uniti ed in Giamaica. Più volte in Germania, Italia, Svizzera, Austria, Francia, spazia anche in altri generi musicali, come l'opera e il musical: è, infatti, un musicista completo, e alle sue doti di carica umana e di straordinaria vitalità scenica, unisce una seria e ricca preparazione come pianista classico, arrangiatore, cantante, direttore e insegnante. Ha studiato alla University of Missouri-St.Louis col compositore Robert Ray, autore della famosa "Gospel Mass".
Oscar è anche un grande e ispirato compositore e annovera nel suo curriculum molti lavori discografici. Ha lavorato tra gli altri con i cori Dell Thedford and The Gospel Symphonic Choir, GMWA, National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses, The Rhema Church and Eric Brown and Charity.
Ma le sue energie sono concentrate anche sul suo servizio come Minister of Church, e come fondatore dell'ensemble vocale Worship of Praise, composto da 6 coristi professionisti e fortemente legati alla tradizione .

Oscar Williams - piano player and director
Timothy Price - voice
De-Rance Blaylock - voice
Herman Gordon - voice
Cinnamon Bryant - voice
Anita Jackson - voice

Info: Teatro Mariani di Sant'Agata Feltria, tel. 0541929613
Teatro Battelli di Macerata Feltria, tel. 0722728204.
www.infopointspettacoli.it tel. 0721.830145

- Montefeltro.net


Min. Oscar Wiliams jr. and Perfected Praise
Unstoppable - Full length CD

You are the One - Single

Safety - Single

Oh Lord You are My Shelter - Gospel Today project II

Rejoice and Awesome God - Dello Thedford and The Gospel Symphonic Choir

No Weapon - GMWA Youth Choir

I Love You Jesue, Father's Cry, Thank Ya - Tiffany Gilkey and Company

Your Latter - Smokie Norful and Victory Mass Choir

I've Got A Testimony - Rev. Jasper Williams and the Salem Baptist Church

You Rescued Me - The Mississippi Mass Choir



True artist are never created but are birthed, true performers are never made but molded and very seldom do you see this combination in one person or a group of people...but such is the case with Min. Oscar Williams jr. and Perfected Praise. Upon their arrival to the music industry, audiences were mesmerized by their vocal ability, harmony and precision. This catapulted their career in record time bringing them before audiences of thousands and in different countries.

Oscar Williams is a musician, choreographer, producer, clinician, orchestrator and teacher with extraordinary abilities. He combines several types of music genres to create timeless and classic songs that are heard throughout the country. He has worked with producers such as Sanchez Harley (Kirk Franklin, Aretha Franklin) and Levi 'Too' King ( Men of Standard). He has performed and/or served as musical director for The Saint Louis Black Repertory Theater, Unity Ensemble, Golden Gospel Singers of Harlem, NY and many more.

While remaining humble and appreciative to all that support them, this all-star cast of singers and musicians have graced several stages both individually and collectively. They have sung behind several national artist including Karen Clark Sheard, Daryl Coley and Lauren Hill. They have shared the stage with Dionne Warwick, Lionel Richie, Albertina Walker and many more.

Not only is Oscar and his ensemble nationally known, they are also international artist having performed tours and concerts in Poland,Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Jamaica, Greece and The Middle East. They have participated in the Vatican Christmas concert singing before the Pope and hold the honor as being one of only three gospel groups to do so. Also the served as Ambassadors for music in 2010, with the program, Rhythm Road: Music Abroad. Through the sponsorship of the US States Department and Jazz at Lincoln Center, Oscar Williams and his Band were selected to represent the United States in Eastern Europe, doing concerts, master classes and interviews.

Individually you can find Oscar's singers utilizing their God-given talent in various arenas, such as singing background for such artist as John Legend, performing in a leading role on Broadway in the production, Lion King and performing in national gospel stage plays such as Be Careful What You Pray For and Looking for Mr. Do-Right or teaching music education at local public schools.

The resume of Oscar Williams jr. featuring the Band of LIfe extends on, but what makes them unique is their ability to reach people. And with the release of their first CD entitled Unstoppable, that is exactly what they have been doing, reaching out to anyone and everyone who is willing to hear a message of hope and encouragement.