Minsarah consists of three amazingly talented young men: Florian-piano, Jeff Denson-bass, and Ziv Ravitz-drums. Minsarah recently was signed with Enja Records and have recorded their second record under producer Matthias Winkelmann which was released August 8, 2006



The members of Minsarah (Florian Weber-piano, Jeff Denson-bass, and Ziv Ravitz-drums) met in September 2000 while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. An intense musical connection developed during this time, which produced an exceptionally unique and personal sound. In this early part of the group’s development Minsarah began to experiment in different settings while performing in Boston.

In February 2002, Minsarah traveled to Detmold, Germany to perform a solo concert at the Detmold Concert Hall. The event was promoted with radio and television interviews and covered in multiple newspapers (which can be viewed on www.minsarah.com). In January 2003, Minsarah received a recording contract from the German record label hubermusic and traveled to Germany to record their debut album, Minsarah. The album was recorded at the “Loft” in Cologne on February 20th and 21st, 2003 and Minsarah followed this with a critically acclaimed tour of some of Germany’s most prestigious jazz clubs.

Minsarah’s self-titled debut album has been airing on WDR (West German Radio) and Deutschland Radio (National German Radio) since its release, being heard in Germany, parts of France, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

In December 2003, Minsarah returned to Germany to perform at Cologne Jazz Night 2003 jazz festival, and again in September 2004 on a tour that included a performance at the International Jazz Festival Viersen (all in which received rave reviews). 2005 has been an active year thus far for Minsarah that started in January with a tour in Florida, which was followed, by a densely scheduled three-week tour throughout Germany (highlights which included Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne) in April and May. In July 2005 Minsarah went on their first U.S. east coast tour; performing in cities including Jacksonville and Tallahassee, FL, Winston-Salem, NC, Washington D.C., Woodstock, VT, Boston, MA, and Oswego, NY. Their second U.S. tour during August 2006 included dates in snowshoe, WV (Annual Taste of the Mountains Jazz Festival) new orleans, LA (Snug Harbor Jazz bistro), and New York, NY (Tea Lounge). The year has continued to be just as busy with performances scheduled at the JVC, Berlin, and Cologne jazz festivals during their fall tour. Minsasrah will continue touring both the east and west coasts 2007 before they return to the studio to begin work on their sophmore album with Enja records.

Florian Weber
Florian Weber was born 11. Nov. 1977 in Detmold/Germany. By the age of 4, Florian’s father (professor of piano at the Musikhochschule Detmold) recognized an unusual discipline in his son who daily, upon returning home kindergarten, headed straight for the piano to practice. Florian began taking private lessons and by the time he graduated from high school he had participated in both classical and jazz ensembles, winning 1st place competition prizes as an ensemble member and as a soloist. At 22, Florian was accepted to the Musikhochschule Cologne and had the opportunity to tour as a soloist with the Russian Philharmonic. In 1999 won a stipend to study abroad at Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 2001, Florian won the Steinway & Sons prize at the Montreaux Jazz Festival Solo Piano Competition, performed with Albert Mangelsdorff and Benny Bailey, completed his studies at Berklee and received his well-earned diploma from Musikhochschule Cologne. Florian studied with Hans Ludemann, John Taylor, JoAnne Brackeen, Paul Bley, and Richie Beirach. Ms. Brackeen comments, “He’s very inventive, has a beautiful sound, vitality and rhythm and is also a prolific composer. I highly recommend him”.

Ziv Ravitz
Ziv was born in Beer-Sheva, Israel, on January 10th, 1976. Born to a family of musicians in Beer-Sheva, Israel, on January 10th, 1976, Ziv was drawn to music at an early age, playing the guitar, keyboard and drums. When he was 9 years old, Ziv started focusing on drums and by the age of 13 began his professional career, playing at various clubs in Beer-Sheva and Tel Aviv, acquiring experience in a variety of musical styles, such as Jazz, rock and avant-garde. In 1999, Ziv was the Camelot Jazz Club of Tel Aviv’s reserved drummer for guest performers from Europe and the United States.

Ziv moved to the US in the summer of 2000, to attend the Berklee School of Music, to expand his musical experience and to grow as a Jazz composer. In the winter of 2003, he became an official recording artist of the Huber Music Management and Recording label of Cologne, Germany. In June 2003, Ziv won the Zildjian Scholarship Award. Since then, he has toured extensively across Europe with various groups such as TAQ, Minsarah, Sin, Nicolas Simon Group and Iasi Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra. In December 2004, Ziv graduated from Berklee School of Music with a Jazz Composition Degree.

Ziv has performed with Hal Crook, Greg Hopkins, Joe


Minsarah 2006 (Self-titled)-Enja
Minsarah 2003-Hubermusic
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