Min. Steve "MusicMan" Turner & Praise Unlimited Christian Jazz Band

Min. Steve "MusicMan" Turner & Praise Unlimited Christian Jazz Band

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Praise Unlimited CJB is one of the most innovative & creative christian jazz bands in the tri-state area. Versatile, talented,annointed,and professional. Booking this band of experienced ministers of music is an elevation from the ordinary to extrodinary.


The Praise Unlimited Christian Jazz Band was started in 2000, while serving as the House Band for a Church Mother's appreciation service. Guests were so impressed, that they kept walking up to Min. Steve wanting to know their band's name. Later that month a good friend of Min. Steve, Pastor Edward Ramsey, needed a band for his mother's birthday celebration, which was being held as an outdoor catered event. Min. Steve volunteered. The guests & family all danced to their music, wanting to know the band's name. Now twelve (12) years later, the Praise CJB is still going strong. The band's founder & leader, Min. Steve, writes & sings original songs influenced by: Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder ( He has been compared to both), Parliament Funkadelic, Rev. John P. Kee, The Winans & J.Moss. Inherited my musical gifts from my late mother, who had the 1st. Gospel choir in Maryland who who was created to minister on the radio fro a weekly church broadcast. The Radio Chorus served for 46 years. Min. Steve got his 1st. chance to lead a song, sang for 14 yrs.,and eventually, served as their last organist for 7 yrs. Power! Praise! Funk! & Jazz! is the only way to describe this band.


Bless His Name

Written By: Min. Steve "MusicMan" Turner / Praise-Works Publishing

We have come! To give him gl-ory !
We have come! To give him praise!
We have come! To (pause) shout Ha-le-lujah!
We have come! To bless his name!
(Repeat 2x )
Oh ,Oh, Oh, Oh, Bless his name! ( Repeat 2x)

Tenors - I'm going to lift my hands and praise him. - repeat
Altos - W-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e ! got to praise him - repeat
Sopranos - I'm gonna lift my hands! - repeat

Repeat Upper -

If i give him my all, he won't let me fall, bless his name ! bless his name
( Repeat 2x)

I will bless his name ! ( Repeat 2x)
I will praise his name! I will pr-a-a-ise!

He's worthy! He's worthy !

Repeat 3x

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Elohim ! / Song of Praise

Written By: Min. Steve "MusicMan" Turner / Praise-Works Publishing

Elohim! Elohim! our God is migh-ty ! - Background singers ( 3x)
He-lping to chan-ge, a generation wooh !
By the re-newing ( pause) of their minds ! ( Echo) Renew their minds !
We've come to fight and... ( Background) we've come to sing !
We've come to lift his...Ho-o-o-ly name ! Elohim

Elohim! Elohim! Elohim! Our God is mi-igh-ty! ( Repeat 3x) Background

Vamp : L-o-o-ve! is in the house ! Don't you know Love is in the house!
Background repeats: L-o-ove! is in the house! Love is in the house !

Lead: Joy is here
Background repeats: Joy is in the house! j-o-o-y is in the house! (4x)

Lead: Holy Ghost is here!
Background repeats: The Ho-ly Ghost! is in the House! Repeat 4x

Lead; Peace is here !
Background repeats: Peace! is in the house! Pe-a-a-ce is in the House
Peace is in the house ! Pe-a-a-ce is in the House.

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Working on our 1st. CD Project