Minstrel's Company

Minstrel's Company

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I never categorized my music before because I feel like what I create can fall under a few different categories, but primarily I am Hip Hop.


Four years ago, two friends began a project that was aimed at creating good music. Music, whose sole purpose was to capture the listener. Hailing from Florida, Minstrel's Company strives to create music that they love. Founding member M.C. Vintage, had a vision of a band that would take music to new heights. Vintage began compiling a group of friends who shared the same vision. M.C. Vintage, whose hometown is Boston, Massachusetts began pairing with different producers and fellow rappers, on a quest to create timeless music.


Yes. I have two tracks. The Letter and Muzak are both getting radio play at WPRK 91.5 fm also steam live at wprkdj.org Thusrdays from 11pm to 1am Live!

Set List

I perform about 6 to 8 songs. My set is usually no more tham 30 minutes.