Minus Ned

Minus Ned

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Just press play.


Minus Ned originated in 2002 in Woodbridge, CT, when the precocious musicians, Mike Martens (guitar, piano) and Zach Guglin (drums), recorded a homemade demo with a guy named Ned. Ned left. Minus Ned.

Shortly after, Mark Pinkert arrived to fill the wailing-epic-guitar-solo void in the Minus Ned sound, followed by Trevor Raffauf, who beefed up the deep-bass-sex-groove that was also missing.

With Mike's, Zach's, Mark's, and Trevor's powers combined, Minus Ned became pretty awesome.

To enhance their awesomeness, perhaps even to Captain Planet status, the quartet added a final piece: Marissa DuBois (vocals). This addition made the band much better looking.

In 2011, Minus Ned embarked on their first nationwide tour to promote their album "Are We Finally Fitting In?" Still no answer there...

Minus Ned's new EP will be released July 2013. Stay tuned.


Are We Finally Fitting In? (2011)
III - Single (2011)
The Wayside Bounce (2010)

Set List

1. Cities
2. Lead Me Away
3. Wayside
4. Lie To Me
5. No Story
6. Afraid
7. New Orleans
8. III
9. Little Tune
10. All She Wrote
11. Wormhole
12. Shoes
13. Come On
14. Movin On
15. Heartache is Through
16. Black and White
17. Stop
18. Gotta' Get Out
19. Something Better
20. Jockamo
21. Darkest Way
22. Fighter

1. Love on the Rocks-Sara Bareilles
2. You Know I'm No Good-Amy Winehouse
3. Oh! Darling-The Beatles
4. Over and Over-Frank Sinatra
5. I Wish-Stevie Wonder
6. Superstition-Stevie Wonder
7.You Oughta Know-Alanis Morissette
8. Rapper's Delight-Sugar Hill Gang
9. Walken-Wilco
10. I Can't Go For That-Hall and Oates
11. Can't Buy Me Love-The Beatles
12. There, There-Radiohead
13. The Seed 2.0-The Roots
14. Psycho Killer-Talking Heads
15. Slippery People-Talking Heads
16. Toxic-Brittany Spears
17. Too Soon-Hey! Ocean
18. Ain't No Love (Heart of the City)-Jay-Z
19. PSA-Jay-Z
20. Come Together-The Beatles
21. The Work- Prin