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"Bizz Wax" 1999 (full-length)
"Homemade" 2001 (full-length)
"4 Song EP" 2003 (EP)
"BearCat" 2004 (EP)
"Hot Mops" scheduled for July 2005 (full-length)

Both EPs are currently receiving airplay on mutiple FM stations, numerous internet sites, and on XM radio (Unsigned).


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Minus-One -- Post-Pop Punk with a nice dash of Hard Pop-Rock styling on top."

Think Lost Prophets, Silverchair, Chevelle, and Blink 182 condensed into a single tasty nugget. And not those rubbery, soggy microwave nuggets! We’re talking full-flavored, crispy nuggets with zesty honey mustard for added oomph!

Minus-One’s latest EP entitled “Bearcat” has been a massive factor in the recent buzz surrounding this Maryland-based spirited quartet.

“Bearcat” is jam-packed with catchy hooks and choruses that you will remember and hum whether you want to or not. “… I bet I’ll remember this after I’m in my car and on the freeway”, commented a reviewer from Taxi. “A very strong first impression is achieved with this mega-dose of Post-Pop Punk with an edge in all the right areas!”

“A very honest lyric and vocal is delivered that got me interested and held me for the song’s duration,” wrote one reviewer about the EP’s second track entitled “Ninkumpoop”.

The saga that is Minus-One began six years ago with front-man Pete Bulka. Since that fateful day, Minus-One has evolved into a tight-knit family with the additions of drummer Clint Moore, guitarist Keith Swan, and bassist Kenny Fowler. Each member bringing their own influences into the mix; Mars Volta, Clutch, Yellow Card…mmmm…now that’s a tasty zesty nugget.

Ultimately, it’s Minus-One’s live show that keeps their dedicated fan-base coming back for more. “The performances are first rate!” Minus-One has a loyal following that will brave rain, snow, and once, even a hurricane! During an interview after a recent performance, Pete commented, “I couldn’t hear myself on-stage, over the fans in the crowd. They were singing louder than the club’s PA could go!” Whether it’s synchronized “rockstar” moves, or Pete riding his guitar across the stage as if on a skateboard, fans are guaranteed to leave half-deaf, full-of-life, and buzzing about what they just witnessed.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Minus-One is currently putting the final touches on their newest contribution to the planet Earth, “Hot Mops”. Listeners will again be inundated with the captivating hooks that they have come to expect from these flamboyant Waldorfians. “Hot Mops” will contain four tracks from “Bearcat”, plus eight additional ditties. Look for one Hell of a release party in July 2005!

For more information, a mini “Hot Mops” teaser, or to get your fortune read right over the phone for only $3.99 a minute, please contact:

Pete Bulka 240.682.2463
or Kenny Fowler 301.787.2606