Minus Penny

Minus Penny


Bringing together a combination of dedication, passion and a broad range of musical influences gives Minus Penny their unique rock based, pop- punk sound.


Forming late 2006 in the sunny town of Cairns, Minus Penny began playing shows and writing original music. After slogging it out in high school and making their way in the club scene, Minus Penny recorded their first EP “Far From Forgotten Fires” and began to make a name for themselves by winning Battle of the Bands in Cairns and Townsville. The boys then took their commitment one step further by packing up and shifting to Brisbane in early 2008. Minus Penny are recording their second EP in May this year with Mark Myers and will be looking to showcase their new material at live venues in and around Brisbane. So if you’re a venue – give us a call, and if you’re not ... come down and check us out.


Far From Forgotten Fires - Debut EP

Set List

Can play up to 15 Original songs per set
Can also play a range of covers if requested