Minutes Like Ours

Minutes Like Ours

 White Plains, New York, USA

Minutes Like Ours is a fun-loving pop rock band that's dynamic and engaging melodies are as much as fun as their explosive and enthralling live presence. Lead by vocalist and pianist Matt Maher, Minutes Like Ours makes it impossible not to smile, tap your feet, and want to sing along.


Keying out of Peekskill, New York, Minutes Like Ours is anything but a bunch of lazy rock stars. Well, they may have their lazy days, but that has yet to be seen as they take on what most bands fork out hard earned deniro for. Minutes Like Ours, or MLO, as they are commonly known as, has their hands in every cookie jar assuming the role of a manager, producer, publicist and a web designer.

This fun band is bringing pop-punk back with a twist as they wrap their tracks together with melodic rock sounds of Matt Maher the bands pianist. The driving force that is Minutes Like Ours has already received the honor of having the #1 Pop Song of the month by MTV’s Ourstage Competition in 2010 with their song “Lights Out.” The song may now be found in Xbox 360’s Rock Band. They also found themselves as finalists for a SPIN Magazine Contest where thousands of fans we're able to get their hands on a free copy of "Lights Out."

With so many milestones already behind them, MLO is definitely a band to be on the look out for in the up coming year. The band has something for everyone with their cheeky and honest lyrics, upbeat sound, and brilliant compositions. They are sure to be a crowd pleaser. I know I will be in attempt to get them over to the West Coast. Give them a listen on their website, or download their single “Open Season”. I know you will not be disappointed.
-Musicians at Heart The LaFamos Blog


Leaving Shadows EP (2009)
Awake (2010)
Alive (2010)
Lights Out* (2010)
Static Thoughts (2011)
Open Season (2011)

*Available on XBOX 360's Rock Band and winner of MTV's Ourstage Pop Song of the Month (October 2010)