Minute to Midnight

Minute to Midnight

 Harvest, Alabama, USA

Minute to Midnight is a contemporary gospel group whose vocal harmony has been likened to EnVogue and whose style has been compared to Mary Mary. Their music is spiked with toe-tapping beats, intermingled with intricate harmonies that are laced in words that make you want to praise.


Words that have been used to describe Minute to Midnight have included words like refreshing, grounded, and blessed. The members of this group acknowledge that we are all of those things. Our music provides uplifting and refreshing messages of hope and encouragement. The lyrics are grounded in biblical truths and we have been blessed to share our Holy Ghost inspired music with people in several parts of the country and beyond. We have ministered in several states including California, Alabama, Florida, Ohio and even in Toronto, Canada. Among other things, we have participated in several religious conferences and music festivals, have sponsored blood drives, and have participated in benefits to raise money for the victims of hurricane Katrina. In 2003 we were named the "Hottest Gospel Group" by Huntsville, AL radio station WEUP.

One of the most interesting things about this group is how we all came together. Glenda is from the West Palm Beach, Florida, Joy was raised in sunny California, LaTonia grew up in the Mile High City in Colorado and Nichola is all the way from Toronto, Canada. There is no reason other than divine intervention that we should be together. Some how, by various methods and for different reasons we all ended up in Huntsville, AL where through mutual acquaintance we all got together to eventually form this group. Officially we’ve been singing together since 1997.

In 2007 we released our long anticipated, self produced, debut CD Minute 2 Midnight. Currently we are working to make the music on that CD available and accessible to as many as will hear it. We are proud of this CD because all of the songs were written by members of the group and every bit of it comes from the heart.

The purpose of our musical ministry is to spread the truth about Jesus Christ. We believe in and live by the words we sing and want to bring the same feelings of hope and healing that we have found to people living a desperate and dying world so they too can find true peace and happiness.


Minute to Midnight released our first CD Minute 2 Midnight in September 2007. Our music is being played on a growing number of stations. Songs currently being featured are "He's Coming Soon" and "I Dare Ya"

Set List

A typical set may last 15 to 30 minutes and usually will include Responsibility, Get On, Rainbow in the Night and Just Wanna Praise. Other songs we sing may include "Thought I Knew" (Futrel), Tried in The Fire (Clark Sisters), "Mary" (Trinitee 5:7).