Minutia is a Philadelphia-based Metal band formed in 2009 consisting of Goho-vocals, J. Braytenbah-guitar/vocals, Bryan Gulla-bass, and Tom Cullen-drums. Their unique brand of "Infectious Groove Metal" blends catchy riffs and lush melodies with utterly savage brutality. Spread the Infection!


Rising from the dregs of a decaying modern metropolis, Minutia has grown into a massive infection rapidly taking hold of a stale music scene. Thousands in the metal underground have already succumbed to their original brand of “Infectious Groove Metal” and their music continues to spread like a plague, leaving countless victims craving for more in the wake of its destructive path.

First unleashed on the public in late 2009, Minutia’s virus-laden music was carefully researched and developed by vocalist Goho, guitarist/vocalist J. Braytenbah, bassist Bryan Gulla and drummer Tom Cullen in the corroded arterial landscape of Philadelphia. “Our sound is like a Petri dish where the savage intensity of Pantera is fused with the disjointed rhythmic DNA of Meshuggah, while genetic components of The Beatles and Radiohead are introduced for communicable effect” explains J. Braytenbah, the creative nucleus of the group. During the early stages of the band’s incubation they were forced into a brief hiatus after their vocalist suffered a series of horrific accidents resulting in both a fractured spine and facial reconstructive surgery. Goho’s recovery–he was told that he would never walk again–served as a source of creative inspiration for the quartet as they labored rabidly on the material for their debut EP Unveiling, released in early 2011. Unveiling received rave reviews in the press for its highly contagious melodic sensibility and song-craft blended with obscene heaviness and brutality. This release opened many doors for the band as their utterly out-of-control live performances, including a live broadcast on Sirius Satellite’s Liquid Metal, helped establish them as one of the premier up-and-coming Metal bands on the American East Coast.

On September 18, 2012, Minutia will unveil their second EP The Human Virus. This new release, sure to usher in a new global pandemic, features an intensely heavy new sound, as well as a refinement of the group’s melodic songwriting prowess. Also evident is the growth of the group’s experimental leanings with the addition of piano in “The Cell of Self,” and their eclectic rendition of Bjork’s hit single “Army of Me.” With The Human Virus, Minutia continues to perfect their use of the scalpel as they effortlessly carve out their own place in the heart of the Metal genre.



Unveiling EP (2011)
"No Regrets" single (2011)
The Human Virus EP (2012)

Set List

The Cell of Self
Shades of Gray
Evolve in Exile
Whisper the End
Instrumental Interlude
Inherit the Wasteland
Carcinogen Skin
Army of Me
No Regrets