MiNu Vyrus

MiNu Vyrus


MiNu Vyrus is: by means of ravaging bent sonic energy, melodic scrapings and mechanical noise - a stillbirth of sorts, the audio equivalent to your latest heroin binge filled with pulsing organic ultra-frequences driven through your frontal lobe by an unknown source.


MiNu Vyrus was founded by Will Clark and Dieter on February 1st 2005 at CrackBait Studios in Clarkston MI. My / New / Virus is their debut album.
Will Clark is a classically trained musician and holds a degree in audio engineering.
Dieter is an aficionado of all thats dirty, drab and wrong. An accomplished classical artist with a fascination for noise and deviant ambiance.
Together they create a twisted mass of melody and malice; Grooves to sink your teeth into and sporadic aural infectious frequencies.


My / New / Virus

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